What are you studying to become a chef?

To study for a professional Chef, you should know that there are many alternatives, inArgentina for example, as courses or tertiary careers, are classes simply obtaining thedegree of Chef or variants such as international Chef. Specifically, what is studied isgastronomy and the title to get will depend on the specialization to which you have subscribed. There are Chefs dedicated exclusively to the cakes and pastries, whileothers will be more focused in the kitchen.

Profesionales gastronómicos

Why choose Chef career?
Just that you are passionate about the culinary arts, to say that the kitchen is yours,here is not that you like to eat, what you love and truly enjoy doing is cooking, createnew combinations or bring your creativity at the service of classic dishes, making thema better version or, at least, a distinct. The cuisine is intended as an interesting jobs near me output to overseas and is this another reason to choose this career.


Another reason why the lean by the profession of Chef is the short duration trainingprocess. There are various options, while there are skills that only last a year, you’ll findmore advanced courses of between 2 and 3 years. In races that last for 3 years, there isalso the possibility of obtaining intermediate titles, such as for example, title of theinternational Barman or professional pastry.
What kind of work does a Chef?
This professional becomes in the jede faith kitchen, as well as learn cooking from the most simple to the most complex dishes, must know managing a kitchen, and entrust activities to those who have a lower rank, organizing them efficiently and at the sametime, you can and should create. Because what a chef of a chef, the difference is thatthe first does not execute a recipe obtained from other artists of the kitchen, thiscreates new dishes or adapted traditional meals to modern gastronomy.
Where can you work a Chef?
The simplest answer would be in any kitchen, because, in particular, you can do it.Usually, a Chef working in restaurants, hotels, events (conventions, congresses,concerts, weddings, birthdays) and cruises.
How to know if the Chef career is ideal for me?
There are those who simply attributed it to a matter of vocation and indeed, many ofthe best Chefs loved the kitchen always, but may you‘re in uncertainty and don’t reallyknow if it is what you want for your life. If you enjoy cooking, if you feel a great desireto try new dishes and make creative combinations, if everytime you eat a sandwichyou try to identify what kind of ingredient has and if you could spend hours in thekitchen trying to create delicious dishes, Chef career is the best choice for you

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