Typical food in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the world’s most famous Southeast Asia for their meals and traditional dishes. And it offers a huge variety of flavor combinations that allow us to discover one of the main attractions ofMalaysia .

With a large Chinese influence , the dishes are colorful and tasty.


The Malaysian food is widely used chili and coconut milk.

Many dishes include rice and nooddles with meats and vegetables and many different sauces and intense flavors. It is generally eaten with chopsticks and a spoon. Often the dishes ordered in a restaurant are shared, although not as common as in other destinations in Asia. There is also a large presence of noodles and Europe are called Mee and eaten as noodldles.

These dishes can be ordered for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



Among the wide selection of food in Malaysia is always present the curry . It is added to soups and served as a thick sauce of concentrated flavor. For the Malaysian curries various meats and added seafood .


The national dish of Malaysia , named for its huge popularity, is the Nasi lemak , a traditional dish consisting of rice with cream and many use for breakfast or lunch.

Other Malaysian dishes are:

  • Satay : consists of various meats cooked on the grill and presented on skewers.
  • Kuih : a baked pie that is taken for breakfast.
  • Mee Rebus : a dish very popular noodles served with a sauce of potatoes.
  • Soto soup mee (noodles) and various sauces.

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