The 10 best cookbooks of all time

Los 10 mejores libros de cocina de todos los tiempos

This Wednesday is celebrated the international day of the book… our tribute goes, how no, the kitchen and the best cookbooks. Because as I said the very Julia Child “the pleasures of the table are infinite. “Bon appetit!”

1. 1080 recipes. Simone Ortega. Publishing partnership

Already there are three generations of Spaniards who have learned to cook thanks to Simone Ortega. With more than three and a half million copies sold, this work is part of the history of the gastronomy of this country. It is the book of recipes most consulted and used by all kinds of people: therein lies the key to your success… has no pretensions (according to the author herself, only intended to help on that question, which is both repeated daily “what to wear today eat?”) and both the novice and the advanced stoves will be comfortable with this book… that without a doubt, is the base. Only one thing went the reverse of what Simone Ortega intended with this book. In his introductory note which sought not to do time in the splendid and large bibliography of the subject… and did not, said the author.

2. the art of French cooking. Julia Child, Louisette Bertholle and Simone Beck. Ed. Debate. 2013

This book (we finally translated into Spanish!) is a classic, a comprehensive manual of French cuisine… which includes from the most complex elaborations of Gallic cuisine (boeuf bourguignon or oie Rôtie aux pruneaux – goose roasted with prunes and foie gras – stuffed), to the simpler dishes, like omelet bluecheese, which devotes nearly 8 pages of explanations which shows that this book has a clear vocation ‘teaching’. Said Julia Child that who is shower in French techniques has the basis to pursue any other culinary specialty. No reason is missing: ‘The art of French cooking’ is the basic book of classic French cuisine, but also an essential work for kitchen lovers. Many have not met Julia Child until the movie ‘Julie & Julia’ did not carry its history up to the big screen. This woman – shaped school Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, city in which lived thanks that her husband was stationed there as a diplomat – not only succeeded in introducing French cuisine in American households… also revolutionized their way of cooking thanks to his books and television programs.

3. the kitchen and food. Harold McGee. Editorial Debate, 2007.

It is the great work of reference for food and cooking techniques. In reality, it is not recipes that one here will not find neither solved the ballot to decide the menu for the entire week… but if ever you have become questions in the kitchen about food and what happens when you cook them, if you would not accept with the repetition of the processes in the kitchen , and want to understand that occurs and how the ingredients are transformed into your pots and pans… This is the book. The premise is simple, just when one understands the processes can create in the kitchen. A real encyclopedia of food and cooking techniques.

4. complete guide to culinary techniques. Le Cordon Bleu. Jeni Wright and Eric Treuille. Ed. Blume. 1997

Le Cordon Bleu is the world most prestigious cooking school… and this book is your basic tutorial. Almost any dish can be prepared with their exhaustive explanations on culinary techniques. Your tour begins with ingredients: teaches to choose them, to distinguish its freshness, to prepare them. Techniques, utensils, condiments, recipes classic and contemporary – but mostly classical-. It is a book created by masters of cuisine but with home cooking in mind. A reference… that will serve both those who are venturing for the first time in a kitchen, as those who want to improve their technique.

5 Modernist Cuisine at home. Nathan Myhrvold, Maxime Bilet. Ed. Taschen, 2014

Amazing recipes and innovative techniques, now also at home. It is the ‘home’ version of the Modernist Cuisine of Nathan Myhrvold encyclopedia. If these six volumes were directed to science and gastronomy professionals, this is the work aimed at enthusiasts and big fans. Its aim is to bring the lovers of gastronomy and domestic cuisine, the techniques of professional chefs, with scientific explanations and practical and well explained and detailed recipes. A must in your library.

6. the recipes of Carvalho. Manuel Vázquez Montalván. Planet, 2004

Novelist, essayist and journalist… without Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, it would be difficult to understand the second half of the 20th century. However, of his work were the novels starring his detective Pepe Carvalho which turned it into a narrative phenomenon known around the world. And Carvalho always showed an excessive fondness for cooking… and thus, Vazquez Montalván novels have always offered various samples of traditional Spanish cuisine. In this book the best recipes are collected through the culinary sequences of the famous series. Because the kitchen is, like literature, otherwise create imaginary world.

7 Larousse Gastronomique in Spanish. Larousse Editorial, 2011.

It is the classical dictionary by excellence where all student kitchen, wine, nutrition, food and gastronomy in general you will find essential inquiry support. More than 2,500 recipes, 500 recipes from prestigious chefs and restaurants, product tables, maps of culinary wine, technical areas explained step by step… A basic work of reference and consultation in the international culinary history that also allows to explore markets, products and culinary traditions of the 5 continents.

8. kitchen manual. Recipe free ebooks. Ana María Herrero. Ed. mentor, 2009

A beloved book, a classic recipe with basic ingredients. The first edition of this book appeared in 1950, though until 1995 was not recognized to Ana María Herrero his authorship. Edition respects the traditional format, as published in his day. The author published it during the long winter that was post-war… an era marked by poverty and scarcity of products. Hence the concern of the author that the ingredients are cheap and affordable. Also had one thing in mind: the kitchen was then ground traditionally female, and women were beginning to join the labour market, so it was marked aimed her recipes were simple and agile.

9. the family meal. Ferran Adrià RBA, 2011

Say elBulli is already synonymous with gastronomy, imagination, technique, innovation, creation. Ferrán Adriá revolutionized the world of cuisine and led Spanish cuisine to the top… but what would the family of elBulli team eat daily? This book collects recipes for daily menus with which the team fed. Menus, balanced, healthy, affordable, varied, and above all tasty.

10. encyclopedia of desserts. Editorial Blume. 2013

An essential work with everything you need to become a master Baker… or almost. Includes 300 techniques and procedures explained step by step: flaky, ice cream, marbling, trim… with recipes that range from the basics, to elaborate and sophisticated peparaciones. Can a sweeter end think of you?

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