Ten recipes to overcome the low hours of lawyer

Result of the contradiction of latent in our profession, our professional practice runs in a scenario in which problems, obstacles and problems facing us lead sometimes to the success of the professional and others to fail, distribution of luck at times as random, which there is no lawyer who has not enjoyed or suffered from both experiences.


While no one doubts this reality, the truth is that the perception that we receive both situations will be which will determine to a large extent our professional future, because an excessive suspicion, fear, and frustration at the failure can cause us irreparable injury in our professional practice.

Given that failure has written extensively, and also positively, I take today the license to bring you some phrases, sentences and inspiring quotations made by characters of success in all areas, I hope they can help you on occasion to overcome the complex situations to which I have referred.

1st.-If you do not change the belief of the people that can influence their future, nothing of what you do will serve (Tel Aviv Israel lawyer)

Lawyer begins his activity with lack of knowledge of the profession, since this one has to live it, and this requires time, not sufficing with the mere course of it to be a good professional, but it is necessary to take responsibility for their own development and decides to grow in knowledge and experience. They do not fit as excuses.

2nd.-when lose, don’t lose the lesson (Dalai Lama)

Errors, failures and defeats will inevitably occur during professional practice.Now, if the lawyer is enough self-conscious, will be able to extract from them the lessons that help you grow, because the path to achieving is forged based on overcoming obstacles. Who do not understand this if you will be doomed to failure or, in the best cases, will give up half way.

3rd.-misfortune see soul lights that prosperity does not perceive (Pascal)

This magnificent event returns to remind us of the element of “chance” that any difficulty, particularly serious, may be to our learning if we take advantage of it. Professional events that alter our routine sometimes constitute the germ of a change for the better, although initially it may be considered the opposite. We have to be vigilant, and in these cases no we should not miss the opportunity.

4.-When you embrace the uncertainty, the fear disappears (Deepak Chopra)

In professional activities, especially when complicated phases go through, we can see us fleshless by the fear, concern and upset that generate our negative Outlook on the future. Embrace uncertainty implies free us from these conditions and assume the existence of risk, focusing on the positive aspects that can help us to overcome the situation. Let the fear of side releases and makes us more free.

5º.-If you don’t have any problems, does not have any direct business (Donald Trump)

The professional activity of the lawyer is full of all sorts of problems, from own orders to the behaviour of clients, judges and other lawyers, through the management of their offices. You have to accept this reality, and assume that the problems are not there to paralyze us and leave us to devour them. On the other hand, problems are there to overcome them and grow, to be better. If you don’t have problems, stopping to think, because it is possible that you are accommodated and stagnant, or what is the same, in the business world could be endangered.

6th.-those who resign, outnumber those who fail (Henry Ford)

This maxim reminds us of the importance of perseverance before the failure, by linking both concepts as something natural. Fearing failure, many resigned, and one smaller number fails, but these will be those who achieved success, never that left. Consistency is a virtue of lawyers, knowing that despite great efforts, there will be occasions in which we will not achieve the objectives pursued, however getting them elsewhere if we persevere.

7.-failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently (Henry Ford)

Here the author of the quote highlights the value of failure, as a facilitating element of success, advantage or opportunity to do our job better. This lawyers have to be very aware, as discouragement failure that we often face lasts the minimum time necessary, and once recovered, draw the necessary conclusions that will help us improve in the upcoming occasions. Thus, tanned by the defeat, we will be better prepared to succeed.

8.-is necessary to anticipate a degree of failure (Jef Bezos)

Our activity is carried out in a very competitive scenario, in which not only depend on ourselves. We can be great professionals, but lack of customers; We can defend a case with a display of our best abilities, but the judge can finally leaning by the adverse argument. We can not speculate with that everything is going to be sew and sing. Barriers are there and no doubt will. You have to be prepared and see them as something to be.

9th.-you do not ask for fewer problems, develops more skills, the problems never go away (Jim Rohn)

We have already anticipated problems, obstacles, inconveniences will be our fellow travellers. For this reason, is useless to spend energy in trying to prevent or frustrate us to them. On the contrary, is very encouraging to grow and improve through the acquisition of skills to overcome them and thus be above them. This duty of the lawyer is derived from the permanent self-education throughout his professional career.Conclude by pointing out that this phrase reminds me of another great beauty: the greatness of a tribe is measured by the power of his enemies.

10.-I’m not mistaken, I discover what doesn’t work (a Nobel Prize)

This phrase is one of my favorites. When it comes to the pursuit in any activity, errors do not exist, because they are not born of mistakes, but a search, which will lead to a discovery, the knowing that this way of doing things does not work. Thus, your “failures” acquire a sense more attractive, because the path of the discovery removes any pejorative nuance to our make and endows him with an intrinsic value attached to the growth and success.

And a final recommendation: do not hesitate to have these quotes by hand or in sight, as insurance that can help you in times of doubt and anxiety that all went through and go through our Holy profession in the exercise of this.

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