Soft diet after tooth extraction: Sample daily menu

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Although already talked a little about  what foods we can eat a soft diet , where a general list shows the types of foods allowed and forbidden; there is nothing better to explain something to someone, to use an example, something practical.

And this is what I’m doing here, a brief example of the daily menu with choices of foods to eat, according to the time of day, and specifically, after a tooth extraction. It can also be used as a general guide, for after dental surgery performed.

What I can eat just leave the dentist?

When you leave the dentist in Albuquerque, after extraction, you should not eat anything until you have after a reasonable time. This time you will indicate the dentist, and usually takes about 30 minutes.
During this time, you should strongly squeeze him like gauze placed over the area where the tooth was, so avoid future complications .
Once past these 30 minutes, you can eat:  Ice Cream : This is the recommendation for excellence, ice cream. Yes, avoid those that contain peanuts, walnuts or any other kind of seed; because they can cause you trouble. Also avoid those containing shredded coconut.

 Juices and smoothies : Avoid acidic fruits like orange, lemon / lime and pineapple.  What can I eat for breakfast? 

 1 or 1/2 cup oatmeal, prepared with milk.

 1 or 1/2 cup pureed fruit such as applesauce. (Like babies, you can eat type cast Gerber ® ).
 A cup of cereal, which is easily ensuavizan in milk, such asRice Krispies ® , or Corn Flakes ®. 
 A cup (cup) of any additional nutritional drink (there are many options on the market, one is the Ensure ® ). If you feel better, you can try to eat: 

 A portion (not integrated) light white bread with jam, or a muffin (a cupcake) .  A soft cup chopped fruit. It can be melon, banana (plantain), watermelon, papaya, mango, apple, peach, nectarine. What I can eat for lunch?


 One serving of fish, preferably steamed (“sweated”).
 A cream-soup, like cream of mushroom or spinach.
 One serving of canned fruits, such as peaches in syrup or “cocktail mixed fruit”. 
 One serving of mashed potatoes (potato), or any other vegetables like carrots. If you feel better, you can try eating:

 A serving of macaroni and cheese. 
 One serving of meatloaf (meatloaf) 
 A serving of scrambled eggs (“chopped egg”) 

What I can eat for dinner?

 One serving of mashed potatoes

 One serving of tuna (canned tuna)
 One serving of cooked vegetables, you can use: carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower. In general, any vegetables, try to choose those that you like, and like fish, preferably steamed. If you feel better, you can try to eat: 

 . A portion of pasta 
 . A portion of soft cheese such as cottage cheese or ricotta 
 . A serving of tofu 

What I can eat between meals?

Among the foods that you can “nibble” between meals are: 

 Ice cream.

 Mashed fruit 
 Peanut butter
 A soft fruit such as a banana or an apple, a pear, or peach skinless 
 . Frozen Yogurt What can I take? 

 Normal water or flavored (no ice)

 Juices and smoothies (no sour fruits, pineapple or orange nothing, nothing citrus)
 tea, like green tea, white, red, fruit. It is highly recommended chamomile tea, as it also helps you reduce inflammation.
 additional nutritional drinks
General recommendations

 You should not use straw (straw, straw) to take any liquid, it can cause complications, resulting in inflammation and severe pain. 
 When brushing your teeth, be careful not to hurt the area of extraction. When using mouthwash (preferably without alcohol), do not gargle (swish), instead, move the head so that the liquid covers the entire inside of your mouth. 
 Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. 
 If the dentist prescribes you antibiotics, should take the full treatment, and respecting the dosages and times taken. You must take all treatment ends. 
 supplementary nutritional beverages are included; because after a difficult extraction, many people of all can not eat anything, and need the required daily nutrients, which happily, these drinks can provide.
 This is a brief example of foods to choose from, if after day the dentist you ordered the soft diet, you feel good, your progress in recovery will indicate that food can start eating: If you tolerate eat them, eat them . . Try new foods 
– If after 4-5 days, after completion of the extraction, you start to notice the presence of a sharp pain in the area of extraction, accompanied by inflammation and bad breath, you should consult a dentist; it is possible that you are submitting a dental alveolitis.

Respect the soft diet, follow you closer to a full recovery . 

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