Prevention of accidents in restaurants and kitchens

Accidents in the kitchen are those who more often to give home along with accidents in the bathroom. For this reason, it is good to prevent accidents in the kitchen to follow a few tips recommended by Personal injury attorney Boca Raton. With these tips we will avoid the most that you have any accident in the kitchen and we have to go to our home insurance to fix the damage that we have caused. 

Basic definitions

Risk prevention: A technique that allows the recognition, assessment and control of environmental hazards that could cause accidents or occupational diseases.

Labour accident: It is any injury suffered by a person to cause or occasion of work and produces her disability or death.

It is the possibility of something, such as losses, arising as a consequence of something unwanted. By Ej. economic loss (gaming)

Fact or phenomenon that may be causing damage. By Ej. A spot of oil on the floor.

Legal provisions

Political Constitution of the State, 3 – Foundation for the prevention of occupational risks
“Jurisprudence has also recognized the need for the prevention of risks. Labour as a necessary and indispensable for the employer liability from the point of view of the interest of the worker, his family, the company and the society as a whole”.

Work, article 5 code

“The exercise of the powers which the law recognized the employer has as limit constitutional of workers guarantees respect, especially when they may affect intimacy, private life or the honor of these.”

Law Nº 16.744
on occupational accidents and occupational diseases
“Inform workers of occupational risks and the control procedure”.

Supreme Decree No. 594
Paragraph II – General conditions of security.  
“Must be deleted in the workplace any factor which may affect the health or physical integrity of workers”.

Supreme Decree No. 40
, Title VI, of the obligations to inform the occupational
“Employers shall maintain the equipment and devices technically necessary to reduce to minimum the risks that may arise in the workplace.”

Consequences of non-compliance

For there is no compliance with the measures referred to by the company, and if an accident occurs because of this reason the employer is guilty and is exposed to sanctions:

-Administrative (warnings)
-Civil (requests)
-Criminal (trial)

Obligation of the State (Supervision and control)
The State through various government agencies such as:

-Superintendent of Social Security,
-Business address
-Health services,

They monitor and supervise both the companies, but also the mutual.

Causes of accidents

Why do accidents happen?
The (origins) root causes of accidents is present in:

1 personal factors

Do not know – teach.
DON’T want to – communicate and motivate.
It can – not locate or relocate.

2 factors of work

-Failures in the provision of work
-Wear of parts by use
-Failures of machines or malfunction
-Methods or improper procedures

-Inadequate designs of equipment or devices.
-Inappropriate use of elements in the process.

Consequences for the worker:

The consequences that workers suffer accidents are as follows:

-Disabling injuries
-Loss of income
-Disorders family group
-Loss (probable) labor supply
-Depression, vices, etc.

Risks associated

Associated with the work of kitchen accidents are fairly common, although there are usually much gravity.

(1) beats, cuts with objects and tools and pinch:

The employed as (grinders meat slicers, mixers, etc.)
-The manufacturer’s instructions must be scrupulously respected.
-It is advisable to design working procedures for the operations of cleaning, maintenance and replacement of components that are the most dangerous.

Utensils (knives, machetes, scissors, etc.)
-Handles the same duty kept in perfect condition and sharp edges.

(2) falls on the same level:

These accidents are also very common, mainly due to soil can be impregnated of slippery substances (FAT or food) or wet.
-To prevent falls, it is essential to keep workplaces clean, eliminated spills as soon as they occur.
-If many people work in the kitchen, it is suitable to mark the freshly scrubbed areas with posters.
-Also it is very important to the type of footwear, must have sole.

(3) connection:

Sometimes very heavy objects (pans, gas bottles, food packages) are handled.
-It is possible to eliminate this need (substituting pans for boiling pans, use natural gas or bases with wheels to gas cylinders, fractionating the)
-Occasionally other possible modifying jobs
-If not possible, it is essential to educate workers well in handling of loads and turn to the manipulation of the heavier objects between several people.

(4) Burns, fire, explosion:

Due to the nature of the works that are carried out are very likely accidents.
-All hot containers must be handled with gloves anticaloricos.
-Do not fill containers above three quarters of their
-Transfers of hot liquids and the addiction of components of the different dishes will be made more slowly.
-Must periodically check the fuel system and the
correct operation of the means of fire protection.

5 electrical contacts

The kitchens are local wet.
-Plugs and electrical circuits must be completely insulated.
-If it is possible to switch high sensitivity differential will be installed.
-Correct operation will be reviewed periodically.
-Also it check at least once a year that Earth resistance remains within the permissible limits.
-Drivers of different teams will be in perfect condition.

6 biological hazards

An infection in the kitchen is quite unlikely because the health checks of food.
-It is recommended the use of disposable gloves (preferably not from latex, because this product may produce allergy in some people).
-Never should work with open wounds.
-If a failure occurs, stops the output of the blood and should meet as soon as possible.

Personal protection elements

-Hat or Cap
-Ear protection anatomical

-Fabric mask


-Closed-stick rubber-soled leather shoe.
-Waterproof apron
-Jacket (cold rooms)
-Pants with pockets (in cotton)
-Sleeve short, and v-neck (cotton).

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