Life Insurance for Chef

A top chef like Jesús Almagro works all day! And more in a web of insurance! This post is about insurance should or should have a great Cook. Hope with this post a little more discover the relationship between insurance and the top chef!top-chef-jesus-almagro


A top chef safe!

Jesús Almagro is synonymous with good cook, good people, positivity in spades!

From the top life insurance agency Mississauga wanted to talk with him quietly about the insurance industry! And put admirations because we imagined that I would say that no; that “insurance knows little and is not its subject”… The case is that after a few email exchanges, finally we could access it and his response was “that he would be delighted, that in fact the topic interested him much”.

It seemed a sign that, at first, we could not chat with him since he had a lesion (light, nobody worry) in the arm. At that time the sick leave insurance came to mind and emerged us more questions if anything about this great “top chef” and their possible experiences with the insurance sector.

Due to the extent of our conversation, we will divide the “interview” in two parts. And again we return to put quotes in the interview word because, in reality, it was an interesting and entertaining conversation.

Jesús Almagro is currently head chef of the restaurant Piñera in Madrid. Indeed, must-see!Recommended 100%

He began his training at the Escuela de HOSTELERÍA de Madrid, that makes already more than twenty years in which has been engaged in body and soul kitchen.

He has worked with the best chefs and restaurants, Arzakand Berasategui, La Terraza del Casino ,Zalacain. Its largest stage lived it together with the chef and entrepreneur Pedro Larumbe, who says that he learned much of everything you know.

His career pass, among other things, by winning the Championship of Spain of kitchen in 2006 and be the ninth ranked in the prestigious competition international Bocuse d’Or in 2007, the best position achieved to date by a Spanish. Their awards are numerous and recognized, until in 2013 we could see him participate in the famous television competition Top Chef, where he was semi-finalist. With this contest, the truth, managed to reach the public in general, winning her affection and admiration.

From the beginning of 2014, has started a new stage facing the kitchen of the restaurant Pinera, as well as activities of advisory, training and research for various companies in the hospitality industry.To his followers, we know that it will be many, say that we can learn more about his career through his blog.


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