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The food of India reflects the great variety of indian life. What people eat depends on the crops raised in the area, the ethnic and religious traditions and their lifestyles. These variations create a fascinating and unique easy indian recipes.

Indian snacks and beverages

Snacks are popular in India. Hungry moviegoers may munch on samosas, fried stuffed pastries (a favorite movie theater concession) as they watch a recent release from India's billion-dollar movie industry.

On crowded city streets, vendors peddle a selection of tasty on-the-go food. They sell kheema, seasoned meat, as well as salty, crunchy mixtures of nuts and pulses. They make these treats on site with portable cookware and fresh ingredients from roadside markets. Vendors also offer glasses of brightly colored sharbats, sweet drinks made with sugar and flavorings such as mint and sandalwood.

Indians drink many kinds of beverages. In southern India, coffee is the preferred beverage, and many households grind coffee beans fresh every day. Tea is grown in northern India, where it is often served with cinnamon and cloves. Many indian dishes can burn the tongue, so indians often respond with salty, creamy beverages such as cold buttermilk or a yogurt drink called lassi.

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