Homemade recipes for hair removal in full

 ¡Elimina el vello de manera natural con estas recetas caseras! / El Universal de México

Hair removal techniques are many, but here you say those that are completely natural and beneficial for your skin

Are you tired of see yourself in the mirror and notice those pesky hairs that stand in your goal of always seeing you female?

Despite what we may think and how annoying are the hairs for women, nature endowed them with them, and, definitely, each and every one of these “hairs” have a special function; However, this does not mean that living without them is something to die us… on the contrary!

From wax, machines epilators, Male waxing san diego and hair removal laser, are techniques that they have been used for hair removal of sometimes bodies (male and female); However, many of them can cause discomfort and skin irritations; so in De10.mx have the best ways to eliminate them naturally… check them out!

Camphor and white pepper

This recipe is excellent for removing the hair and prevent back to grow exclusively in the legs; WATCH OUT! Never apply it on the face, and if you have sensitive skin, don’t use.

The preparation is very simple, only you must mix a little pepper banking ground with camphor to form a kind of pasta, add a few drops of kerosene (paraffin oil) and apply it on your legs. Leave to act for 15 minutes and remove the paste with a damp cloth; wash your legs with cold water and put a bit of moisturizing.

Barley powder

Mix a tablespoon of this powder with milk and lemon juice; apply the mixture on the area and let stand for 20 minutes. Well cleaned with warm water and never expose to the Sun after treatment (we recommend that you do it before going to sleep). To make the results better, repeat the process at least three times a week.


This species is commonly used for Indian cuisine, however its results in hair removal are very effective, since it helps to the impairment of the hair, making it grow ever thinner until it disappears.

Mix a bit of turmeric powder with oil of lavender and aloe vera gel;apply it in a circular motion in the areas you want, after shaving on a regular basis. Leave to act for 20 minutes and remove the mixture with warm water.

You must apply this mixture three times a week for three months to see results.

Almond oil

This oil is ideal for the health and beauty of the skin, it is an excellent hair growth inhibitor; You should only apply this oil in a circular motion after epilating as you do on a regular basis, thus, you will notice that the frequency of hair removal is decreasing until you manage to disappear the hair completely.

For greater efficiency, we recommend to do it 4 times a week.

Sugar and lemon

This blend is excellent for hair and skin soft and smooth. Just mix in a container a lemon, a cup of sugar and a cup and a half of water; Once the dough is formed, applied over the area with hair growth. Leave to act for 10 minutes and with a soft sponge and warm water, remove against the hair growth direction.

Watch out! If your skin becomes irritated, let rest for 10 minutes to continue with the removal.

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