Healthy Foods Chiropractic: Quinoa as a healthy food

Today we bring you a post about healthy eating with a star ingredient we love. Do you know the  quinoa ? Attentive because we tell its origin and properties make it a  healthy food .

The  quinoa has been cultivated for more than 7,000 years ago but has really been a few years ago when he became  healthy food as we know it. Such is their impact that 2013 was declared the  International Year of Quinoa . It is native to the Andes where grain is considered sacred, but now grown in countries like Colombia or Argentina.

Quinoa is a  healthy food that comes from a broadleaf plant that belongs to the family Chenopodiaceae. Its seed is presented similar to  millet , its texture is similar to  couscous and its flavor is almost equal to that of  brown rice .

The Quinoa contains  vitamin A, calcium, iron and phosphorus among other nutrients. It is also a food that has a lot of protein almost comparable to  breast milk . Among other nutrients they make it a  healthy food is starch and a lot of amino acids that are important for the  developing brain .

On the other hand, it has many properties Quinoa  healing . Formerly it used to treat  bleeding and dislocations ; Today, it is used in children suffering  from child malnutrition and people who are  celiac disease to reinforce their diet as quinoa has almost no gluten. It is also a  healthy food in weight loss diets because it has a percentage of  fiber quite high and produces a  satiating effect in the stomach without losing energy.

The quinoa can be roasted to produce  flour . It can be cooked and accompanied by  soups or can be used as an accompaniment to  paste . It is a very versatile healthy food. We recommend two recipes that are very easy to make with quinoa. On the one hand,  cookies and, secondly,  risotto porcini , changing the main ingredient is rice for  healthy food such as quinoa.

In addition to introducing into your diet healthy foods like quinoa, remember that you are the set of routines and good habits that make your health is good. Eat well, exercise, rest the time and, of course, Realize one chiropractor in my area, chiropractic treatment with adjustments every time your doctor of chiropractic you recommended. Your health will thank you. :)

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