Food Photography

Depending on the project, we can also do art direction and styling. We have produced photographs for cookbooks, recipes for magazines, restaurant menus, packaging  of food products and magazine ads, among others.

Depending on the project, shooting in the studio, in a photo booth or on the premises of our  customers , where a small stage with studio strobes mounted. If the customer decides to have the shooting inside photo booth and you don’t have one, you’ll need to call services like photo booth hire melbourne.

Photography Food: A Delicious Objective.

Brownie, chocolate ice creamThe main and most important when photographing a food goal is to look appetizing , inciting eat. To achieve this, we must take into account a basic rule in Professional Photography : as with people, no dishes or foods that are photogenic and others that are not. Therefore, the first thing to determine is if you want to photograph is photogenic or not.Otherwise, look for ways to improve the photogenic (adding or removing something from the plate or the still life or varying lighting or framing).

Keys to Good Food Photography Lighting.

Pasta salad parmigiano

To make the food look appetizing, the lighting plays a fundamental role.Depending on their shape, size and texture, a type of lighting that correctly highlight the volume and texture of the same shall be elected.For example, a salad or meat dish requires a side lighting, very different from a bowl of soup which has volume- and therefore should be emphasized over the plate geometry and colors.


The Length and Depth of Field.

A usual to add visual interest to technical Photography Food is to use short frames and a very large aperture to achieve shallow depth of field (which has the effect of blurring the background, visually very attractive in this kind of photograph).

For this type of framing is necessary to accommodate a target macro , ie, able to focus near the object. Often a 105 mm macro lens is used (in 35mm format). As with the rest of the team, the quality of the optics is very important to achieve excellent results.

Beef burger

Finally note that the position of the camera is another factor to consider when choosing the frame: we have different options, among which are the zenith position (the camera is placed above), the perpendicular position to the object, and the camera positioned at 45º thereof. The correct choice of any of these variants is very important for excellent photography that complies with the fundamental objective: to be appetizing .

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