How to Choose the Best Low-Carb Meal Delivery?

When choosing a low carbohydrate meal delivery service, consider the options that are available to you, including delivering prepared meals from personal chef services or low carb options from local restaurants. If a vendor claims to offer low carbohydrate options, find out the carbohydrate count for each menu option, and if possible obtain a list of ingredients from each dish. When trying to order reduced carbohydrate foods from a restaurant that specializes in low carbohydrate foods, be careful in your food choices and do not be afraid to ask questions about recipes or to make special requests regarding the preparation of your food.

There are companies that specialize in delivering low carbohydrate foods by preparing complete meals consisting of reduced carbohydrate foods and then delivering them to your home. In some cases, a low carbohydrate Meal Delivery program can be operated by a local personal chef who will prepare your meals and deliver them to you fresh. Another option is to choose a service that prepares and flashes freezes meals in a central location and then sends them to you. These low carbohydrate food delivery services can be expensive, but if you do not have the time to prepare your own food and can afford the cost, having your meals prepared and delivered to you can be very helpful to meet your diet plan .

If you decide to work with one of these programs, it is important to find out how program chefs define “low carb”. Depending on the type of reduced carbohydrate diet found, it can be restricted to anywhere between 20 and 50 grams of carbohydrates per day. Ask for the total carbohydrate count at each meal so you know if the service kitchen is compatible with your diet. If your meals contain too many carbs, look for another meal plan or order the program if your chefs can create a custom menu for you.

Another option for delivering low carbohydrate foods is to work with restaurants that offer delivery service. The challenge is that it is not always easy to determine the ingredients used in individual dishes. For example, many condiments, sauces, meat sauces and may contain starches and sugars. Before ordering a dish that looks safe, such as a stir fry or a dinner salad, ask if the sauce or dressing used in any of these dishes contains corn starch or sugar. If so, ask for change. Restaurants that are willing to answer your questions patiently and work with you to customize a dish are likely to be your best options for delivering low carbohydrate foods in the future.

10 healthy and nutritious food for your dog Fuente: Naturaleza

But that does not mean that there is no other type of food that can be given and that represent a very healthy contribution to your diet, refer the Dog Breed Index. Here is a list of suggestions, the contribution each one represents and even how to offer them to your canine friend.


Algae are an incredible source of calcium, folic acid, sodium, vitamin A and iodine, all of which are critical to the health of your dog. They are also energetic, strengthen the immune system and can be very good as a supplement to a diet if your dog is overweight.

As the presentation of the algae varies a lot, try to see which ones you like the most, your pet may be dehydrated or fresh, but in any case, those that come in powder can be added to any food.


This is undoubtedly one of the most complete and best foods for you and your pet. It has lutein (a natural protector for sight), has potassium and calcium so it is essential for bone health and provides fiber, iron, zinc and vitamin K, among others.

Catch it and give it to try your dog, you’ll be surprised how quickly you accept it, although you also have many alternatives, since the broccoli is so versatile that you can liquefy it, cut it small or incorporate it into any other food.


Eggs are one of the best and most effective sources of protein, which are indispensable for a dog. The variety of amino acids is enriched by a high content of minerals and various nutrients that help strengthen the muscles, bones, heart and brain.

If you are completely sure of the freshness and origin of the eggs, you can give them raw, otherwise, cook them, remove the eggshell and give them small pieces alone or with any other food you like.


This fruit rich in fiber will make your dog the same effect as you: it is an excellent cleaner of teeth and gums, fights halitosis (bad breath) effectively, is moisturizing and diuretic and is delicious.

Try to give your dog diced (well washed and shelled) according to the size of your mouth or shred it and mix it with your food. Their sweet taste will enchant you.


Its high content of water and fibers is very beneficial for the general health of the dog. It is a natural moisturizer of the skin, stimulates the digestive system and also love it.

Take care of it without shell (for the plant protection products you may have) and seedless, especially dogs of small breeds can choke with them.


Dogs are usually treats, so giving them a spoonful of unprocessed pure honey will be like a daily prize and you will bring extra energy, an excellent treatment for hair and skin, a natural healing and antibiotic and many more benefits.


If your dog is of the “active” type this is an ideal food for him, since he has many healthy and energetic components such as vitamin B complex, especially B12, omega-3 oils, different proteins and lots of vitamin D for Fix the calcium in the bones.

The sardines should be fresh, cooked in a healthy way (never fried or with marinades or sauces) and special care must be taken to remove the bones before giving them, because they usually love and eat them quickly.


This grain of South American origin is really healthy, besides having a high content of fibers, proteins and almost all the necessary nutrients (minerals, vitamins, etc.).

To prepare it you will have to rinse it beforehand and then boil it. Once cooked, offer it to your dog as it has a good flavor and maybe you like the natural; Otherwise do not worry, as it is a small grain that mixes easily with other foods.


In addition to improving eyesight and preventing the appearance of cataracts, it is excellent for hair, has a large percentage of fibers that prevent constipation, is an effective natural regulator of Stomach Ph (prevent acidity) and an excellent antioxidant (for its great Beta-carotene content).

If you get used to it as a child, your dog will eat it raw. Be careful with the puppies, because they can choke. Grated and attached to other ingredients will be a delicacy for them. Cooked and sliced ​​or mashed will also love it.


Thanks to its high content of beta carotene (anti oxidant and natural anti-inflammatory) is a very healthy food that helps prevent joint problems, has anti parasitic effects and is a natural hair enhancer. It is also excellent as a preventive of immunological problems and even some cancers (such as prostate cancer).

You can boil it to the steam, taking care that it is crisp so that you can also enjoy the texture of this delicious vegetable. If you do not feel like it, you can make a puree and add it to your meal.

Healthy Foods Chiropractic: Quinoa as a healthy food

Today we bring you a post about healthy eating with a star ingredient we love. Do you know the  quinoa ? Attentive because we tell its origin and properties make it a  healthy food .

The  quinoa has been cultivated for more than 7,000 years ago but has really been a few years ago when he became  healthy food as we know it. Such is their impact that 2013 was declared the  International Year of Quinoa . It is native to the Andes where grain is considered sacred, but now grown in countries like Colombia or Argentina.

Quinoa is a  healthy food that comes from a broadleaf plant that belongs to the family Chenopodiaceae. Its seed is presented similar to  millet , its texture is similar to  couscous and its flavor is almost equal to that of  brown rice .

The Quinoa contains  vitamin A, calcium, iron and phosphorus among other nutrients. It is also a food that has a lot of protein almost comparable to  breast milk . Among other nutrients they make it a  healthy food is starch and a lot of amino acids that are important for the  developing brain .

On the other hand, it has many properties Quinoa  healing . Formerly it used to treat  bleeding and dislocations ; Today, it is used in children suffering  from child malnutrition and people who are  celiac disease to reinforce their diet as quinoa has almost no gluten. It is also a  healthy food in weight loss diets because it has a percentage of  fiber quite high and produces a  satiating effect in the stomach without losing energy.

The quinoa can be roasted to produce  flour . It can be cooked and accompanied by  soups or can be used as an accompaniment to  paste . It is a very versatile healthy food. We recommend two recipes that are very easy to make with quinoa. On the one hand,  cookies and, secondly,  risotto porcini , changing the main ingredient is rice for  healthy food such as quinoa.

In addition to introducing into your diet healthy foods like quinoa, remember that you are the set of routines and good habits that make your health is good. Eat well, exercise, rest the time and, of course, Realize one chiropractor in my area, chiropractic treatment with adjustments every time your doctor of chiropractic you recommended. Your health will thank you. :)

7 great documentaries about food that will make you aware

One of the significant factors that we must take care to take care of our health is the kind of power that we have. If you want to know how it affects us the food industry and the type of modern diet that we carry, then we recommend these movies about food that certainly make you open your eyes when deciding what you eat.

Would you like to watch these documentaries? Please launch putlocker.

#7 Hungry For Change

Tags are a very subtle way that industries have to deceive consumers, or in the best cases hide certain information. The secrets that any laboratory or company would like to reveal and that precisely is what is responsible for revealing this documentary. A tour of different foods by checking the ingredients that consumers eat and those that motivate them almost to follow him doing almost like an addiction.

#6 Food Matters

Along the same line, this documentary follows, but instead of showing us the negative about the food we buy shows us the positive produce them, know their qualities and the status of what we eat. Without a doubt, they are very useful tools that help us to lead a healthy life without the use of chemicals in our body.

#5 Food inc.

This documentary offers a realistic look at the us food industry during the administration of George W. Bush. Directed by Robert Kenner, Food Inc. It is a picture of how this industry and the different perverse clauses imposed by Government to producers to grow the products under certain chemicals issued by some laboratories are handled. A permanentlobbying that will make you think that up to the minimum block that you eat can be agrochemicals and GM.

#4 Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes With Raw Food

Diabetes is also a condition that is very difficult to carry every day. Each diet must be strictly careful so that any value of our body to become unbalanced. This documentary is just that: see a diabetic for a month in his attempt to improve his health beginning to change their eating habits.

#3 Super Size Me

Surely you have heard about this documentary on several occasions. A very good movie to take conscience about what cause strings of junk food in our body and especially accompanied by soft drinks. A human experiment that no one should overlook the fact before making the decision to eat at fast food restaurants.

#2 Fast Food Nation

A movie that you have to know before eating out of your House. The story reveals the logic of the market of fast food, the big multinationals, the role of employees and consumers. A false signature of burgers that leaves much to be desired with their products but which also continues to exist.

#1 Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

A documentary that serves to raise awareness and moved at the same time. A travel log in the United States undertaken by Joe Cross, a man who suffers from an autoimmune disease due to their poor diet, and that decides to change their habits to improve his delicate state of health.

25 films about food

The cinema is still an effective way to raise awareness and interest in certain topics. In this article we collect some new movies 2016 and documentaries about the food system found the net. This article is based on work of the Food Tank ‘s own research and Earth Foundation . We offer a list of documentaries in which the protagonists are the food, in a thought to adopt a more healthy and sustainable food vision. This compilation also serves to deepen the importance of land rights of small farmers, from those located in sub-Saharan Africa, through the insidious domination of fast food in an urban community of California. Each title offers an opportunity to be well informed and inspire a new style of healthy eating for us and the planet. If you want to stream online these programs and documentaries, just launch movie4k for the best quality and speed.


1. A farmer in Africa: property rights : in developing countries around the world, farmers are losing their land and natural resources, causing negative effects on local livelihoods and welfare, and the local environment and ecosystem services. Short of the World Resources Institute. 1:56 min

2. A place at table (A place at the table) : documentary about hunger, especially in the US, with the presence of Jeff Bridges describing the challenges to the food system. 2:26 min.

3. Fast Food : mounting infographics on different data on food. 2:15 min.

4. Food chains (food chains) : film director Sanjay Rawal on violations of human rights of agricultural workers who harvest 125 million kg of fresh fruits and vegetables (280 million) each day in the United States.

5. Le soif du monde (The thirst of the world) : 90-minute documentary photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, author of the documentary Home , focusing on water issues.

6. Food speculation : In 2007 and 2008, food prices rose sharply, leading to riots in all developing countries. World Economy, Ecology and Development (WEED) describes how financial speculation on future values ​​of food causes dangerous fluctuations. 7:17 min.

7. Forks Over Knives : This film shows how the degenerative diseases that plague in the United States, are due to the consumption of processed foods and animal products.

8. Fresh, the film : a documentary highlighting to farmers who are innovating and reinventing the food system to prevent pollution, obesity, and depletion of natural resources. 72 minutes.

9. The hidden costs of burgers : short Center for Investigative Journalism detailing the costs of the meat with surprising data. 7:52 min.

10. How to feed the world? (How to feed the world?) : short film created for the exhibition Bon Appétit in Cité des Sciences in Paris in 2010, offering the viewer a global perspective on the production and distribution of food along with guidance on how to eat more sustainably. 9:04 min.

11. The Harvest (Harvest) : documentary that follows the lives of three immigrant field workers, all of them under 18 years. 7:27 min.

12. King Corn : is a documentary about two friends who grow an acre of corn and realize how their crop driving fast food. With the help of neighbors, genetically modified seeds and herbicides poisonous achieved a record harvest, most subsidized in one acre of Iowa soil. And when they try to trace their corn crop in the food system assail them questions about what we eat and how we grow.

13. Nokia, HK Honey : hidden in the urban landscape of Hong Kong, there is a community of beekeepers who are providing residents access to local honey and help urban residents are closer to their food. 03: 21min.

14. Our Daily Bread : 90-minute documentary that offers a stunning look at how food is produced and how food production companies use technology to maximize efficiency and profit.

15. The Garden (The Garden) : documentary that tells the story of a community of South Central Los Angeles to defend a piece of land to grow amidst the city.

16. The Meatrix : this little film addresses four basic questions: cruelty to animals present system of meat production, the inherent danger of creating resistant germs by excess supply of antibiotics, massive environmental contamination by slurry and agriculture-based fertilizers to feed the animals and the destruction of rural communities.

17. The price of sugar : commovedora film examines the working conditions and treatment of sugarcane farmers of Haiti in the Dominican Republic. A complaint about basic human rights involved in the cultivation of sugar. 90 min

18. The Scarecrow : animated short in which the protagonist is a scarecrow who tries to free their local food system unsustainable and processed foods. Promotes an app (The Scarecrow) in favor of sustainable food. 3:23 min.

19. Taste the waste : 90-minute documentary filmmaker Valentin Thurn about the food they throw away. In European households each year are thrown in the trash food worth 100 billion euros, an amount equivalent to the annual volume of business of Nestle, the world’s largest food company.

20. Waste (garbage) : a brief overview of the problem of food that end up in the trash with very basic data, but precisely for this reason interesting. It is a short produced by Schnittstelle THURN GbR from Germany commissioned by WWF and UNEP in collaboration with FAO and SIWI.

21. Bottled life : Documentary on the issue of bottled water. Commentary and basic data “Bottled Life “.

22. Our daily poison : almost 2 hours documentary based on the book of complaint about the genetic manipulation of food by Marie-Monique Robin.

23. We Feed the World : 96-minute documentary about food and globalization, fishermen and farmers, truckers and corporate executives on the circulation of goods and money, on the shortage surrounded by abundance. With its unforgettable images, the film tells us about our food production and tells us why we have something to do with hunger. Review and basic data of We Feed the World .

24. Super size me : the filmmaker Morgan Spurlock continues its evolution for thirty days-under doctor monitoring the star American eating only McDonald’s menu to report how it affected the health of people in a documentary-testimony of 90 min. Review and basic data of Super Size Me .

25. Fast Food Nation : 115 min film. which tells how research can be found excrement in hamburger meat. The story based on the book by Eric Schlosser’s ” Fast Food. The Dark Side of junk food “is also a statement against the harsh working conditions of Mexican workers. Review and basic data of Fast Food Nation .

And a couple of extras:

Darwin’s Nightmare : documentary on fishing for Nile perch in Lake Victoria and the consequences of globalization on the purchase of “African mere”. 107 mintos. Comments and basic data of Darwin’s Nightmare .

The End of the Line. A world without fish : Imagine a world without fish? This 2009 documentary explains how overfishing is changing the world and what we eat. Based on the book by British journalist Charles Clover, describes how the current global consumption is unsustainable: since 1998 the fish population is declining.

The 10 best cookbooks of all time

Los 10 mejores libros de cocina de todos los tiempos

This Wednesday is celebrated the international day of the book… our tribute goes, how no, the kitchen and the best cookbooks. Because as I said the very Julia Child “the pleasures of the table are infinite. “Bon appetit!”

1. 1080 recipes. Simone Ortega. Publishing partnership

Already there are three generations of Spaniards who have learned to cook thanks to Simone Ortega. With more than three and a half million copies sold, this work is part of the history of the gastronomy of this country. It is the book of recipes most consulted and used by all kinds of people: therein lies the key to your success… has no pretensions (according to the author herself, only intended to help on that question, which is both repeated daily “what to wear today eat?”) and both the novice and the advanced stoves will be comfortable with this book… that without a doubt, is the base. Only one thing went the reverse of what Simone Ortega intended with this book. In his introductory note which sought not to do time in the splendid and large bibliography of the subject… and did not, said the author.

2. the art of French cooking. Julia Child, Louisette Bertholle and Simone Beck. Ed. Debate. 2013

This book (we finally translated into Spanish!) is a classic, a comprehensive manual of French cuisine… which includes from the most complex elaborations of Gallic cuisine (boeuf bourguignon or oie Rôtie aux pruneaux – goose roasted with prunes and foie gras – stuffed), to the simpler dishes, like omelet bluecheese, which devotes nearly 8 pages of explanations which shows that this book has a clear vocation ‘teaching’. Said Julia Child that who is shower in French techniques has the basis to pursue any other culinary specialty. No reason is missing: ‘The art of French cooking’ is the basic book of classic French cuisine, but also an essential work for kitchen lovers. Many have not met Julia Child until the movie ‘Julie & Julia’ did not carry its history up to the big screen. This woman – shaped school Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, city in which lived thanks that her husband was stationed there as a diplomat – not only succeeded in introducing French cuisine in American households… also revolutionized their way of cooking thanks to his books and television programs.

3. the kitchen and food. Harold McGee. Editorial Debate, 2007.

It is the great work of reference for food and cooking techniques. In reality, it is not recipes that one here will not find neither solved the ballot to decide the menu for the entire week… but if ever you have become questions in the kitchen about food and what happens when you cook them, if you would not accept with the repetition of the processes in the kitchen , and want to understand that occurs and how the ingredients are transformed into your pots and pans… This is the book. The premise is simple, just when one understands the processes can create in the kitchen. A real encyclopedia of food and cooking techniques.

4. complete guide to culinary techniques. Le Cordon Bleu. Jeni Wright and Eric Treuille. Ed. Blume. 1997

Le Cordon Bleu is the world most prestigious cooking school… and this book is your basic tutorial. Almost any dish can be prepared with their exhaustive explanations on culinary techniques. Your tour begins with ingredients: teaches to choose them, to distinguish its freshness, to prepare them. Techniques, utensils, condiments, recipes classic and contemporary – but mostly classical-. It is a book created by masters of cuisine but with home cooking in mind. A reference… that will serve both those who are venturing for the first time in a kitchen, as those who want to improve their technique.

5 Modernist Cuisine at home. Nathan Myhrvold, Maxime Bilet. Ed. Taschen, 2014

Amazing recipes and innovative techniques, now also at home. It is the ‘home’ version of the Modernist Cuisine of Nathan Myhrvold encyclopedia. If these six volumes were directed to science and gastronomy professionals, this is the work aimed at enthusiasts and big fans. Its aim is to bring the lovers of gastronomy and domestic cuisine, the techniques of professional chefs, with scientific explanations and practical and well explained and detailed recipes. A must in your library.

6. the recipes of Carvalho. Manuel Vázquez Montalván. Planet, 2004

Novelist, essayist and journalist… without Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, it would be difficult to understand the second half of the 20th century. However, of his work were the novels starring his detective Pepe Carvalho which turned it into a narrative phenomenon known around the world. And Carvalho always showed an excessive fondness for cooking… and thus, Vazquez Montalván novels have always offered various samples of traditional Spanish cuisine. In this book the best recipes are collected through the culinary sequences of the famous series. Because the kitchen is, like literature, otherwise create imaginary world.

7 Larousse Gastronomique in Spanish. Larousse Editorial, 2011.

It is the classical dictionary by excellence where all student kitchen, wine, nutrition, food and gastronomy in general you will find essential inquiry support. More than 2,500 recipes, 500 recipes from prestigious chefs and restaurants, product tables, maps of culinary wine, technical areas explained step by step… A basic work of reference and consultation in the international culinary history that also allows to explore markets, products and culinary traditions of the 5 continents.

8. kitchen manual. Recipe free ebooks. Ana María Herrero. Ed. mentor, 2009

A beloved book, a classic recipe with basic ingredients. The first edition of this book appeared in 1950, though until 1995 was not recognized to Ana María Herrero his authorship. Edition respects the traditional format, as published in his day. The author published it during the long winter that was post-war… an era marked by poverty and scarcity of products. Hence the concern of the author that the ingredients are cheap and affordable. Also had one thing in mind: the kitchen was then ground traditionally female, and women were beginning to join the labour market, so it was marked aimed her recipes were simple and agile.

9. the family meal. Ferran Adrià RBA, 2011

Say elBulli is already synonymous with gastronomy, imagination, technique, innovation, creation. Ferrán Adriá revolutionized the world of cuisine and led Spanish cuisine to the top… but what would the family of elBulli team eat daily? This book collects recipes for daily menus with which the team fed. Menus, balanced, healthy, affordable, varied, and above all tasty.

10. encyclopedia of desserts. Editorial Blume. 2013

An essential work with everything you need to become a master Baker… or almost. Includes 300 techniques and procedures explained step by step: flaky, ice cream, marbling, trim… with recipes that range from the basics, to elaborate and sophisticated peparaciones. Can a sweeter end think of you?

5 foods to last longer in sex

Do you want to leave your partner breathless? In this article we tell you what to eat to achieve this.

In the bedroom, everyone would like to have the strength of a corridor of athletics. It is true that this is accomplished with intense training, but according to a study of london, UK escort service – if what you need is to simply extend your performance a few minutes, you can prepare your body with these 5 foods. Your partner will say enough.

1 nuts
Rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated oils, help reduce cholesterol increasing the elasticity of blood and promoting blood circulation to the genitals.

2 bananas
This fruit is the perfect meal because it contains the complex vitamin B, a key substance for converting carbohydrates into energy. In addition, believed to help manufacture sex hormones such as testosterone.

3 Granola
The golden rule is that if a food is good for the heart, it is good for the penis. A good circulation has resulted in improved erectile response. To achieve it, eats foods rich in L-arginine, like granola.

4 blueberries
Ideal for men with erection problems. Blueberries are rich in fibers and have action anti-cholesterol, which improves the blood circulation by pushing more blood to the penis to deal successfully with a night of sex.

5 lentils
By its high content of fiber, decrease levels of cholesterol and fats in the body. In addition, they are rich in zinc, an important mineral for the hormonal control, libido and sperm production.

Ten recipes to overcome the low hours of lawyer

Result of the contradiction of latent in our profession, our professional practice runs in a scenario in which problems, obstacles and problems facing us lead sometimes to the success of the professional and others to fail, distribution of luck at times as random, which there is no lawyer who has not enjoyed or suffered from both experiences.


While no one doubts this reality, the truth is that the perception that we receive both situations will be which will determine to a large extent our professional future, because an excessive suspicion, fear, and frustration at the failure can cause us irreparable injury in our professional practice.

Given that failure has written extensively, and also positively, I take today the license to bring you some phrases, sentences and inspiring quotations made by characters of success in all areas, I hope they can help you on occasion to overcome the complex situations to which I have referred.

1st.-If you do not change the belief of the people that can influence their future, nothing of what you do will serve (Tel Aviv Israel lawyer)

Lawyer begins his activity with lack of knowledge of the profession, since this one has to live it, and this requires time, not sufficing with the mere course of it to be a good professional, but it is necessary to take responsibility for their own development and decides to grow in knowledge and experience. They do not fit as excuses.

2nd.-when lose, don’t lose the lesson (Dalai Lama)

Errors, failures and defeats will inevitably occur during professional practice.Now, if the lawyer is enough self-conscious, will be able to extract from them the lessons that help you grow, because the path to achieving is forged based on overcoming obstacles. Who do not understand this if you will be doomed to failure or, in the best cases, will give up half way.

3rd.-misfortune see soul lights that prosperity does not perceive (Pascal)

This magnificent event returns to remind us of the element of “chance” that any difficulty, particularly serious, may be to our learning if we take advantage of it. Professional events that alter our routine sometimes constitute the germ of a change for the better, although initially it may be considered the opposite. We have to be vigilant, and in these cases no we should not miss the opportunity.

4.-When you embrace the uncertainty, the fear disappears (Deepak Chopra)

In professional activities, especially when complicated phases go through, we can see us fleshless by the fear, concern and upset that generate our negative Outlook on the future. Embrace uncertainty implies free us from these conditions and assume the existence of risk, focusing on the positive aspects that can help us to overcome the situation. Let the fear of side releases and makes us more free.

5º.-If you don’t have any problems, does not have any direct business (Donald Trump)

The professional activity of the lawyer is full of all sorts of problems, from own orders to the behaviour of clients, judges and other lawyers, through the management of their offices. You have to accept this reality, and assume that the problems are not there to paralyze us and leave us to devour them. On the other hand, problems are there to overcome them and grow, to be better. If you don’t have problems, stopping to think, because it is possible that you are accommodated and stagnant, or what is the same, in the business world could be endangered.

6th.-those who resign, outnumber those who fail (Henry Ford)

This maxim reminds us of the importance of perseverance before the failure, by linking both concepts as something natural. Fearing failure, many resigned, and one smaller number fails, but these will be those who achieved success, never that left. Consistency is a virtue of lawyers, knowing that despite great efforts, there will be occasions in which we will not achieve the objectives pursued, however getting them elsewhere if we persevere.

7.-failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently (Henry Ford)

Here the author of the quote highlights the value of failure, as a facilitating element of success, advantage or opportunity to do our job better. This lawyers have to be very aware, as discouragement failure that we often face lasts the minimum time necessary, and once recovered, draw the necessary conclusions that will help us improve in the upcoming occasions. Thus, tanned by the defeat, we will be better prepared to succeed.

8.-is necessary to anticipate a degree of failure (Jef Bezos)

Our activity is carried out in a very competitive scenario, in which not only depend on ourselves. We can be great professionals, but lack of customers; We can defend a case with a display of our best abilities, but the judge can finally leaning by the adverse argument. We can not speculate with that everything is going to be sew and sing. Barriers are there and no doubt will. You have to be prepared and see them as something to be.

9th.-you do not ask for fewer problems, develops more skills, the problems never go away (Jim Rohn)

We have already anticipated problems, obstacles, inconveniences will be our fellow travellers. For this reason, is useless to spend energy in trying to prevent or frustrate us to them. On the contrary, is very encouraging to grow and improve through the acquisition of skills to overcome them and thus be above them. This duty of the lawyer is derived from the permanent self-education throughout his professional career.Conclude by pointing out that this phrase reminds me of another great beauty: the greatness of a tribe is measured by the power of his enemies.

10.-I’m not mistaken, I discover what doesn’t work (a Nobel Prize)

This phrase is one of my favorites. When it comes to the pursuit in any activity, errors do not exist, because they are not born of mistakes, but a search, which will lead to a discovery, the knowing that this way of doing things does not work. Thus, your “failures” acquire a sense more attractive, because the path of the discovery removes any pejorative nuance to our make and endows him with an intrinsic value attached to the growth and success.

And a final recommendation: do not hesitate to have these quotes by hand or in sight, as insurance that can help you in times of doubt and anxiety that all went through and go through our Holy profession in the exercise of this.

Find this and other articles of the author in your website and know his works on the page e-autor .

Recipes to enhance your sexual desire

Healthy sexual desire begins with a healthy  , and that requires a good and exercise. There are many nutrients that can increase sex drive, resistance and improve the way in which you feel the sex and yourself as a sexual being – recommended by escort london outcall.


yolks contain cholesterol, which is an important element for testosterone. Eating raw is one of the most direct forms of increasing this hormone and increase male libido. Eggs are also one of the most significant sources of vitamin A, which keeps healthy epithelial tissues. These tissues cover all external and internal surfaces of the body, specifically the vagina and the uterus. Other sources of this vitamin are the liver, cheese and carrots.


Spinach, cabbage, and green leafy vegetables contain Indole-3-carbinol, which decreases the amount of estrogen in the male body, resulting in a favorable development of the muscles and testosterone. The irony is that also helps the women produce more estrogen. Spinach and other green leafy vegetables, including tea, are sources of manganese, which is what you need the female hormone estrogen to maintain a healthy metabolism. This mineral can also be found in other foods such as the whole grain cereal, wheat germ, raisins, peas and beans.

Avocado or palta

Unlike the majority of aphrodisiacs that increase libido in men, the avocado is known for its ability to increase women’s. It contains vitamin B6, which helps to produce male hormones, but potassium which is located in the fruit regulates the female thyroid gland to increase libido levels. Avocados also contain large amounts of folic acid, which helps metabolize proteins.

Oils and dried fruits

Oils and dried fruits are rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent damage to the eggs, produced in the ovaries. Nuts like sunflower seeds and vegetable oil are also an excellent source of linoleic acid, which is a fatty oil essential for sperm production. How much more sperm to accumulate, the greater sexual desire.


The oysters are considered to be one of the largest sources of zinc, which is one of the key nutrients to increase the libido and the sperm production in men. In addition to found in oysters and other seafood, also you can get zinc from Brown rice, lean red meat and Turkey.

Ingredients for a recipe content marketing

Users consume most of our information in this huge restaurant called Internet, something that is becoming a growing trend. Companies, aware that users are hungry for content and approach to the restaurant every day to eat, need to distribute their dishes among the “clients” who most of the time come to different bars offering restaurant (social networks).But the restaurant at the end bars are only places of distribution of dishes and drinks, so the key to everything passes by preparing a delicious meal (engaging content)between you the user by sight and then wants to try.

Food ingredients and kitchen utensils for cooking

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No company is going to get into the pocket the customer only by having a bar clean and tidy (i.e., have a nice page on Facebook or Twitter), but yes thanks to food which show and share on those platforms. Social networks, in the end, are ‘just’ distribution network of content, images and videos that subsequently engage potential consumers in the sale process.

The recipe for the content marketing

The recipe for a successful content marketing is like the formula for Coca-Cola: all the world I’d like to know it, everybody is aware of that has an incalculable value, but very few know what it is. For starters, a content marketing strategy is not like cooking a hamburger at a fast-food and repeat the action thousands of times a week. The contents are a meal that is cooked over low heat, slowly but surely, they need the time and the persistence of the best recipes. We also have a “master chef” called Google hates when we don’t Cook.Google needs to prepare quality food constantly on our website or our blog to let us place our dishes in their kitchen. If you want to be in the kitchen at Google, it will be better to learn how to cook who likes to Google and that you use the ingredients to succeed in the content marketing.

The keys to the content marketing

1 designing a clear strategy

This means basically understand our target group, to decide what targets like get, creating and optimizing the content on all your digital channels to meet those objectives. Some aspects that you should take into account are:

Understand your target customers: who are, what age have, what interests have, what work, etc., are some information that can help us to find out what works between our audience.

Have clear objectives: is well defined in advance what goals we pursue with our content strategy: branding, engagement, followers and subscribers, sales or get your brand evangelists. I recommend that you initially choose one or two realizable goals.

Form a team: depending on resources and budget, can be an internal team or outsourced task.

Select the platforms or tools: a mixture of payment tools can be used depending on the size and potential of your company, or free that will help you to create, distribute and measure the success of your efforts on content marketing.

Plans an annual content marketing plan: both specific campaigns and continuous creation of content, posts, tweets and videos work, as well as its distribution. This will require the establishment of an editorial calendar.

2. create sensational content

Sensational content creation requires of two basic ingredients: inspiration and creators.Should first be thinking the goal of content that we create: if it is more didactic and educational; If we launched content to entertain; to inspire someone to do something; to inform about news and trends; or to turn to our fans or followers into leads or sales.

From here, we must decide on the type of content that we create: text (post, ebook, interview, guide,…); images (photos, graphics, infographics, memes…); videos and webinars;or podcasts, to name a few.

3. optimize content

Any content that we believe should be optimized. Some strategies for the optimisation of the content are:

-Read and review: to check the correct structure for ease of reading.

-Thinking about search engines: create a list of keywords that you think customers will seek you in Google and optimize content for SEO.

-Take into account the traffic: need to think in titles and images that you will use to draw attention and that you can easily share your content.

-Focus on conversion: content to generate a traffic that turns into a Subscriber or a client requires a constant experimentation.

-Don’t forget the mobile: if a content that is distributed can not be read, share or subscribe on a mobile, potential clients are missing many along the way.

4 promote the content en masse

The generation of the content is only half of the solution for the content creators. The other half consists in manage to distribute content across numerous channels. The aim is that content to move, be shared, and is viralice. The formulas to carry that out can be through a combination of:

Social networks: care and powerful channels can greatly assist the distribution of content.

E-mail: get a database of e-mail and making it grow can help generate traffic and leads.

Organic SEO: optimizing content for search engines is a strategy long term that must be des on the first day. In the long run, a good SEO strategy can bring more traffic to your website or your blog to social networks.

Associated with other pages and influencers: this formula can be rapid and accelerated growth of highly qualified traffic.

5 experience

Analyze is the final part that will measure the success of your marketing strategy of content, either through the monitoring of traffic to your website, your list of subscribers, your fans or followers on social networks, etc. The marketing of content, such as all within the fast-paced, unpredictable world of Internet, requires an important part of testing. What works today may that not worth tomorrow. So you must be willing to constantly experiment with what works best with your audience.

Do you think that some ingredient more for content marketing recipe needed?

Homemade recipes for hair removal in full

 ¡Elimina el vello de manera natural con estas recetas caseras! / El Universal de México

Hair removal techniques are many, but here you say those that are completely natural and beneficial for your skin

Are you tired of see yourself in the mirror and notice those pesky hairs that stand in your goal of always seeing you female?

Despite what we may think and how annoying are the hairs for women, nature endowed them with them, and, definitely, each and every one of these “hairs” have a special function; However, this does not mean that living without them is something to die us… on the contrary!

From wax, machines epilators, Male waxing san diego and hair removal laser, are techniques that they have been used for hair removal of sometimes bodies (male and female); However, many of them can cause discomfort and skin irritations; so in have the best ways to eliminate them naturally… check them out!

Camphor and white pepper

This recipe is excellent for removing the hair and prevent back to grow exclusively in the legs; WATCH OUT! Never apply it on the face, and if you have sensitive skin, don’t use.

The preparation is very simple, only you must mix a little pepper banking ground with camphor to form a kind of pasta, add a few drops of kerosene (paraffin oil) and apply it on your legs. Leave to act for 15 minutes and remove the paste with a damp cloth; wash your legs with cold water and put a bit of moisturizing.

Barley powder

Mix a tablespoon of this powder with milk and lemon juice; apply the mixture on the area and let stand for 20 minutes. Well cleaned with warm water and never expose to the Sun after treatment (we recommend that you do it before going to sleep). To make the results better, repeat the process at least three times a week.


This species is commonly used for Indian cuisine, however its results in hair removal are very effective, since it helps to the impairment of the hair, making it grow ever thinner until it disappears.

Mix a bit of turmeric powder with oil of lavender and aloe vera gel;apply it in a circular motion in the areas you want, after shaving on a regular basis. Leave to act for 20 minutes and remove the mixture with warm water.

You must apply this mixture three times a week for three months to see results.

Almond oil

This oil is ideal for the health and beauty of the skin, it is an excellent hair growth inhibitor; You should only apply this oil in a circular motion after epilating as you do on a regular basis, thus, you will notice that the frequency of hair removal is decreasing until you manage to disappear the hair completely.

For greater efficiency, we recommend to do it 4 times a week.

Sugar and lemon

This blend is excellent for hair and skin soft and smooth. Just mix in a container a lemon, a cup of sugar and a cup and a half of water; Once the dough is formed, applied over the area with hair growth. Leave to act for 10 minutes and with a soft sponge and warm water, remove against the hair growth direction.

Watch out! If your skin becomes irritated, let rest for 10 minutes to continue with the removal.

8 recipes from movies you can do at home

How many times has happened when you watch recent movies and a scene where the characters eat something delicious and is has fancied you, but you could not get the recipe anywhere? For the lovers of the good films and good food (like us!), we bring you this collection of recipes made by youtubeonfire that appear in movies and you can do at home.

When you invite to eat someone not afraid exaggerate when it comes to discuss the menu because, literally, they are movie recipes!

1. bruschetta with tomato and Basil of Julie & Julia

If you saw the movie Julie & Julia, inspired by the real life of the blogger’s kitchen Julie Powell, who aspires to cook recipes from the Cookbook of the celebrated chef Julia Child in a period of a year, insurance will remember the tempting bruschetta with tomato and Basil. Enjoy the recipe!

2. Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe

The film fried green tomatoes was nominated and won several Oscars, and this sure recipe will devastate among your friends and family! Try these fried green tomatoes and then tell us.

3. spaghetti with meatballs of Lady and the tramp

The film Lady and the tramp may be children, but we assure you that this recipe forspaghetti with meatballs will enjoy her whole family, no age limit.

4 Garfield lasagna

Since we are talking about children’s movies, authentic lasagna Garfield, the movie, from ironic and fat Orange Cat could not miss that in addition to its series of cartoons and comics, he has also thrown two films. A real delight of the seventh art!

5. Ratatouille omelet

To prepare a perfect French omelet, nothing better than inspired by the little rat chef’s Ratatouillemovie, Remy. Who can know more French than French cuisine (even a rat)?

6 Donuts Simpsons

Many times happened to me after watching a chapter or movie of The Simpsons, want to eat some donuts as those that appear there. If you same thing happened, here’s the solution: prepare your own American donuts equal to the Simpsons.

7 quail in “Like water for chocolate” rose petals

If you fell in love with the film like water for chocolate, sure you fall in love with this delicate and tasty recipe of quail in rose petals, perfect for a special occasion!

8 “Matilda” chocolate cake

Those who enjoyed the movie Matilda sure will love this chocolate cake. And if you didn’t see the movie, it doesn’t matter; you like the chocolate will be enough to enjoy this cake.

Preparation and control of budgets of food and beverage


The administrator of a business linked to A and B, so you acquire and apply practical techniques for drawing up a budget in the operation of its establishment, is necessary to get the criteria to properly budget under the specific requirements that practical daily exercise I will asking properly, adjusting to their real needs, in the same manner to cases of special type.

Among the functions of an administrator, it is necessary to plan and then evaluate constantly the progress of the strategy carried out, to execute and monitor activities related to budgets, which can be interpreted in a quantifiable way.Giving support to the business results in each of the requirements in the operation of the business, knowing the main problems, handling basic criteria and techniques of budget, that will help us in a most appropriate way the decision making of a job.

The budget

The budget is the main element to objectively evaluate the result of a settlement of A and B, estimating program and systematise each year over a set period, anticipating the results obtained, representing the goals to achieve the business, taking into account the analysis that allows include elements that make a working environment and quality that makes it easy to do things right the first time.

A manager of a restaurant can budget based on criteria such as:

  • The objectives of the business.
  • The expectations of the vision and mission of the business.
  • The above results.
  • The flexibility of modifying what has been done.
  • The criteria, techniques and experience.
The budget system process

Fig. 1. process of the budget system.

  1. Formulate the (the) budget (s), in accordance with the objectives, criteria, techniques and experience of the administrator.
  2. The budget has been operating for direct functional business decision, implementing tactics and strategic to achieving the goals.
  3. Assesses the actual results, comparing them against budgets, determining the degree of scope achieved.
  4. Constant control.
  5. Annually on the basis of quarterly or half-yearly revisions revisions.

Constant review of budgets and their comparison with actual results, allow you to adjust the operation in search of the goals, correcting the causes of any deviation that may affect the company’s goal of strategic character.

Classification of budgets

There are different classifications of the budgets of which we can mention the following:

(a) by its period or term:

  • In the short term.
  • In the medium term.
  • In the long run.

(b) because of its importance:

  • Financial situation.
  • State results.
  • Changes in the financial situation.
  • Sales.
  • Costs.
  • Shopping.
  • Operating expenses.
  • Cash flow.

Secondary or analytical:

  • Sales service, type of customer, area, etc.
  • Cost per service type.
  • Operating expenses.
  • Purchase of land, premises, furniture and equipment.

(c) by its origin and effects:

  • Operation or economic (which refer to the statements of income).
  • Financial:
  • Cash flow.
  • Schedule of payments.
  • Shopping.
  • Inventories.
  • Capital projects.

(d) by its flexibility:

  • Fixed assignment.
  • Flexible.

(e) by the limit to express:

  • Maximum reach.
  • Minimum cover.
  • Mixed (combines both).

(f) by units that manages:

  • Currency: Numeric and graphic.
Large groups of budgets

Figure 2. Large groups of budgets.

Operating budget: estimated statement of income for the operation of the restaurant in the budgeted period.

Financial budget: is based on general or State balance of financial position.

Note: the administrator must always properly conform to the purpose of the restaurant to make budgets.

The budget as a forecast of the future

Facilities budgeting allows you to predict what will happen in the future, if there will be gain or loss, being able to then determine corrections and the necessary diversification pathways that allow increasing the efficiency of the entity. Many of the closures had been avoided, by means of an appropriate effort to quantify in monetary terms the objectives that it wanted to reach. Starting from this may prepare a plan master budget covering the financial budgets and operations, having the latter, a vitally important since it is covering the income and expenditure of the running of the company performances, being that most frequently is used and must be prepared on the basis the organizational structure of the entity and assigning responsibility for achieving the objectives, adapting to the scenarios to leaders and actual conditions to which the entity will face during the time.

At the restoration the cost of food and its constant variation, depends only on the relationship between the purchase price and the amount of raw materials used in the making of an offer, so for the design of the budget should be considered some factors affecting the control of costs, such as :

  1. Cost of food: food are considered the largest feasible cost control section and the more indeterminate within food operations. According to different fluctuations in prices of edible products, which have increased in recent years, the selling price should be commensurate with the costs of operation depending on the type of service.
  2. Labour costs: are more difficult to control than the cost of the food. There are some factors that influence, such as: the type of service and the extension of the services offered; the hours of service; the kind of menu;the physical plant; the size of the business, the arrangement of units of preparation and service; working conditions; the amount, kind and distribution of automatic equipment; the programme and the rules on selection of the personnel; the training and the overcoming employees schedules; (quantitative and qualitative); the scale of wages; the average in the rotation of employees and the standards that must be kept in production and services.
  3. Other expenses: control does not end with consideration of the costs of food and personnel, one way or another 12 to 18% of the budget of the Department, are used in other fixed costs such as lost: laundry, toiletries, maintenance, items of office, depreciation, etc.

The budget occurs in the main financial statements, in order to anticipate a result in a future period of interest of the administrator, accountant or a business owner of A and B, some common examples of cards budget, applicable in all cases are annexed to the characteristics and type of restaurants, adapting to the needs of the business.


What is the budget?

It is the quantified expression of the action plan and is a great tool for the coordination and implementation of this plan or production process, economically assessing the amounts obtained in the metric computation for a certain task, installation or service, in advance to its execution.

The budget is the calculation and negotiation anticipated revenues and expenses of an economic activity (personal, family, a business, a company, an office, a Government) for a period, usually on an annual basis, involving an action plan to meet a goal provided, expressed in values and financial terms that must be met in certain time and under certain conditions This concept applies to each responsibility center of the Organization, such as the annual development tool in enterprises or institutions whose plans and programmes are formulated, making a plan operations and resources in the company, to achieve the objectives expressed in monetary terms, simply sit down and plan what you want to do in the future and put it into quantifiable numbers within a certain time period to the displayed objectives in a certain time and is expressed in monetary terms.

Concepts of information that should be considered when the budget

  • Suppliers.
  • Quality and price.
  • Prices of the suppliers.
  • Sales: They are usually prepared for months, geographical areas and products.
  • Costo-produccion: Sometimes this information is included in the production budget. When comparing the cost of production with the sale price, displays utility margins are suitable.
  • Shopping: This is the budget which provides for purchases of raw materials or goods that will be made during a given period. Usually are done in units and costs, involved the applicant than formula requirement of one well’s heritage as a commodity for consumption in the process of their activity within the institution.
  • Income: Tickets for non-recoverable payments, with consideration and without it; except non-mandatory, non-recoverable entries and non-payment, without payment received from national or foreign Governments and international institutions. Income appears net of refunds and other adjustment transactions.
  • Cost: Action of spend (spend the money on something, deteriorate with use). In an economic sense, referred to as spending to the amount that is spent or has been spent. Spending is a useful concept both for families and for companies or for the Government.

Budgets relate to the administrative process

Budget plays a fundamental role within an organization, so through the administrative area may be inspected easier accounting operations or online bookkeeping services, which allows each of its members have a general awareness of the balance sheet, expenses and income that sales and production company.

The budget and accounting have some relationship, it involves an accounting system where is the basis for the preparation of budget reports; therefore to realize the control of results obtained and recorded in the accounts of the company, a general awareness of the economic situation of it, can be achieved through the balance sheet and the statement of profit and loss; information as requested by the Administration to conduct activities and projects effectively.

At the same time, accounting as a tool for internal control, contributes with the collection of data that requires the budget to evaluate the performance of the economic projections in previous periods. Therefore, an adequate accounting system guarantees a reliable and successful; financial budget in such a way that the information provided by the accounts of an organization influences decision-making by executives that compose it, in relation to the goals to achieve.

The budget is conducted according to the objectives that have been set, taking into account the planned means to reach these, can be considered part of the classic administrative process that involves planning Act and control (efficiently) human, technical resources, materials, etc., with which the company has. Budgets are used as media of plans of any organization, providing the bases that will evaluate the performance of different sectors or areas of activity of the company.

Why is that the budgets are based on the concepts contained in financial statements it important?

  1. It allows us to know how much spent, saved, invested, etc, which tends to translate into a better planning for the following year.
  2. In assessing excessive expenditures in some areas and in other benefits we can reflect and design best tactics to correct errors and take hits.
  3. A business lets handlers know what so profitable it is, and provides them with the possibility to compare the actual performance of the company annually.
  4. It allows individual users know how much spent, saved, invested, etc, which tends to translate into a better planning for the following year.
  5. In assessing excessive expenditures in some areas and in other benefits we can reflect and design best tactics to correct errors and take hits.
  6. A business lets handlers know what so profitable it is, and provides them with the possibility to compare the actual performance of the company annually.
  7. These documents should be stored to be able to compare each other and know, with actual numbers, what year was better. We must remember that the empirical perception is often imprecise and leads to errors.
  8. Creditors and potential providers of financing it may help to know how are the finances of the user or company, to determine the risk of the operation and the ability to pay.
  9. If a financial status is good, it can help to be given a good credit, mortgage or financing.
  10. The financial statements are important because they are serious documents and with official validity (if made with someone with proper authorization) that allow to have a very organized idea about finances.

Operating budget

One of the primary with a budget purposes is that you can determine revenues that you intend to get in your business, as well as the costs that will be produce.So it is very important that this information is well detailed. Estimates are that directly in process has to do with the neurological part of the company, from the same production, up to the expenses that resist offering the product or service, are components of this item:

  • Budget sales (estimated produced and in process).
  • Budget production (includes direct and indirect costs).
  • Budget requirement of materials (raw materials, supplies, auto parts etc.).
  • Budget labor (brute, qualified and specialized force).
  • Budget expenditure of manufacturing.
  • Budget cost of production (without the profit margin).
  • Budget expenditure for sale (training, vendors, advertising).
  • Budget expenditure management (all types of labor and work distribution requirement).

Financial budget

Is he dealing with the financial structure of the company, i.e. the composition and relationship that must exist between assets, liabilities and capital. Its objective is summarized in two factors, liquidity and profitability.

Composition of financial structure:

  • Cash in cash and banks and short-term investments.
  • Accounts receivable from customers.
  • Permanent investments.
  • Short and long term debt.
  • Accounts payable to suppliers.
  • Expenses and taxes payable.
  • Social capital and retained earnings.

Planning is the key to a good administration. This is true for individuals, family business, large companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. For example, the most successful students who get good grades, are financed his education and obtained their titles as they plan their time, work and recreation.These students are budgeting their scarce resources to make the best use of time, money and energy. Also, the owners and managers of small and large companies, survive and grow even during economically difficult times, because they plan and estimate the costs of their operations and the expansion of its facilities.

A dynamics of research in a class, where requires the skills of each of the members of the team, demand a plan part of each of its participants, bearing in mind the deliver time and forms established by the teacher, as I condiciono with one of my groups of the Universidad Tecnológica de Cancun (GA37), obtaining a short-term contributions who collaborated with this overview of an indirect way , rain of ideas that a group of pupils, involved to the cuisine gives you more projection and support research on costs and budgets in the area of food and beverage.

The budget requires a commitment from the senior management of the participation of all levels, an administrative process that organize, provide, apply, and control resources, an organizational structure that identifies roles and responsibilities, a process of control and coordination of functions on a permanent basis, for this must have clear concepts of budgets and their relationship with the financial statements.

3 delicious recipes for cooking at camp

cocina de campamento

Among the campers, there is a lagging sector that always, in any output used to cook two dishes “Tuna and instant soup”, so especially thinking of them we decided to make this post so they enhance your camp menu. The dishes are simple to do and above all delicious.

Golden cheese sausage tacos

This dish is ideal for dinner or breakfast. It is very easy to prepare because it takes us less than 10 minutes in the entire process. It should take into account that it is recommended to use flour tortillas as they remain “fresh” with greater ease compared to the “corn”.

The ingredients are:

  • Sausages
  • Cheese
  • Oil
  • Flour tortillas
  • Avocado
  • Cream/cream cheese


Remove sausages the Bowl container and with the knife performed a court from corner to corner without splitting. Inside places pieces of cheese, you can make use of your preferencia-Manchego or Oaxaca are a good choice because they melt easily. Then place enough oil or butter in the Pan, enter the sausages for about 4 or 5 minutes by turning them constantly to prevent burning or sticking. Finally hot tortillas, add avocado and cream. Enjoy!

Camp pizza

Typical, almost all love a freshly cooked pizza, but in summer overnight camp sleepaway from home camps in New York city is also possible. This recipe takes us about 20 minutes to make it. Some ingredients can be modified depending on the taste.

Recetas para camping: calzones rellenos

The ingredients are:

  • Ready-made pizza base
  • Tomato sauce
  • Grated cheese
  • Pepperoni
  • Oil


For this dish, we will use the bases of pizzas that already sold are made, generally already include tomato sauce. What we will do will then be empty and spread settles it on the basis of the pizza. Then place the grated cheese starting from the Center. Finally add the main ingredient the pepperoni –clear can be exchanged for any other. Add few drops of oil in the skillet and place the pizza. We leave about 15 minutes on very low flame, remember to cover the skillet so cheese melts.

Muffins to the embers

This is my favorite camp, nothing as after a sold out Trek dish, enjoy some delicious muffins. This will take us less than 15 minutes to prepare.

The ingredients are:

  • Bolillo –bread
  • Beans
  • Grated cheese
  • Salami
  • Pico de Gallo –sauce


If we are going to use rolls we must cut them just a half. There are people who are used to remove the “granular”, but I recommend you leave it so that more are filled. We rub the beans in all the bread. We sprinkled the cheese for everything to cover the roll in its entirety. We will use salami but this can be changed by any other ingredient.

This time use branches to replace the pans. These should be green -to not quemen- and a sweet tree. We cut into a “Y” to place on this surface muffins. Finally we put them close to the embers of the fire. We leave here until cheese melts.

Before enjoying adds some pico de gallo, at the supermarket they sell small cans with the sauce and ready to eat.

The Best Restaurants in Mauritius

There is a place on Earth that all faithfuls of eating and traveling around the world could not miss, that is Mauritius. Mauritius, officially the Republic of Mauritius, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) off the south-east coast of the African continent. Once in your whole life, come renting one of many beautiful villas in Mauritius and visit these following restaurants, you will have unforgettable memories.

Le Cafe des Arts (Trou d’eau Douce)

Le Cafe des Arts
# 1 of 738 restaurants in Mauritius
1 of 8 restaurants in Trou d’eau Douce
Cuisine: Continental

Escale Creole (Moka)

Escale Creole
# 2 of 738 restaurants in Mauritius
1 of 31 Restaurants in Moka
Cuisine: Mexican, Cajun & Creole , Pub

La Table du Chateau

La Table du Chateau
# 3 of 738 restaurants in Mauritius

 1974, da Antonio e Giulia (Trou aux Biches)

1974, da Antonio e Giulia
# 4 of 738 restaurants in Mauritius
1 of 19 restaurants in Trou aux Biches
Cuisine: Italian

Cabane Du Filao (Grand Baie)

Cabane Du Filao
# 5 of 738 restaurants in Mauritius
February 1 Restaurants in Grand Baie
Cuisine: Seafood

Est Roots Cafe (Pointe aux Canonniers)

Est Roots Cafe
# 6 of 738 restaurants in Mauritius
1 of 11 restaurants in Pointe aux Canonniers
Cuisine: Italian

Chateau Mon Desir (Balaclava)

Chateau Mon Desir
# 7 of 738 restaurants in Mauritius
March 1 Restaurants Balaclava

Barachois Restaurant at the Prince Maurice Hotel (Pointe de Flacq)

Barachois Restaurant at the Prince Maurice Hotel
# 8 of 738 restaurants in Mauritius
1 of 7 restaurants in Pointe de Flacq

Le Off (Grand Baie)

Le Off
# 9 of 738 restaurants in Mauritius
1 of 87 restaurants in Grand Baie
Cuisine: Fusion, Continental

Coffee Garden (Pointe aux Canonniers)

Coffee Garden
# 10 of 738 restaurants in Mauritius
2 of 11 restaurants in Pointe aux Canonniers
 Great-taste coffee.

Table saw to cut frozen meat and bone MAINCA BM 2000 – An useful tool for all restaurants

For sale bandsaw to cut bones and frozen meat BM 2000 model at, best portable table saw of  brand Mainca. 

Construction: Stainless steel 18/10 except wheels in cast steel tinned.
Wheel diameter: 275 mm
Tape length: 2120 mm
Cutting height: 310 mm
Cutting thickness: 233 mm

Three-phase 1.75 HP / 1.20 kW (230-400V 50 Hz / 220V 60 Hz)
Single-phase 1.5 HP / 1,10 kW (230V 50 Hz / 220V 60 Hz)

The basic model includes tensioner manual of the tape, stop thicknesses and tilting tightener with adjustable tape intermediate support.

The tape automatic tensioner.
Collector box of depletion.
Average mobile cutting table.
Foot stand to floor stainless steel.
Forced ventilation Kit.

Prevention of accidents in restaurants and kitchens

Accidents in the kitchen are those who more often to give home along with accidents in the bathroom. For this reason, it is good to prevent accidents in the kitchen to follow a few tips recommended by Personal injury attorney Boca Raton. With these tips we will avoid the most that you have any accident in the kitchen and we have to go to our home insurance to fix the damage that we have caused. 

Basic definitions

Risk prevention: A technique that allows the recognition, assessment and control of environmental hazards that could cause accidents or occupational diseases.

Labour accident: It is any injury suffered by a person to cause or occasion of work and produces her disability or death.

It is the possibility of something, such as losses, arising as a consequence of something unwanted. By Ej. economic loss (gaming)

Fact or phenomenon that may be causing damage. By Ej. A spot of oil on the floor.

Legal provisions

Political Constitution of the State, 3 – Foundation for the prevention of occupational risks
“Jurisprudence has also recognized the need for the prevention of risks. Labour as a necessary and indispensable for the employer liability from the point of view of the interest of the worker, his family, the company and the society as a whole”.

Work, article 5 code

“The exercise of the powers which the law recognized the employer has as limit constitutional of workers guarantees respect, especially when they may affect intimacy, private life or the honor of these.”

Law Nº 16.744
on occupational accidents and occupational diseases
“Inform workers of occupational risks and the control procedure”.

Supreme Decree No. 594
Paragraph II – General conditions of security.  
“Must be deleted in the workplace any factor which may affect the health or physical integrity of workers”.

Supreme Decree No. 40
, Title VI, of the obligations to inform the occupational
“Employers shall maintain the equipment and devices technically necessary to reduce to minimum the risks that may arise in the workplace.”

Consequences of non-compliance

For there is no compliance with the measures referred to by the company, and if an accident occurs because of this reason the employer is guilty and is exposed to sanctions:

-Administrative (warnings)
-Civil (requests)
-Criminal (trial)

Obligation of the State (Supervision and control)
The State through various government agencies such as:

-Superintendent of Social Security,
-Business address
-Health services,

They monitor and supervise both the companies, but also the mutual.

Causes of accidents

Why do accidents happen?
The (origins) root causes of accidents is present in:

1 personal factors

Do not know – teach.
DON’T want to – communicate and motivate.
It can – not locate or relocate.

2 factors of work

-Failures in the provision of work
-Wear of parts by use
-Failures of machines or malfunction
-Methods or improper procedures

-Inadequate designs of equipment or devices.
-Inappropriate use of elements in the process.

Consequences for the worker:

The consequences that workers suffer accidents are as follows:

-Disabling injuries
-Loss of income
-Disorders family group
-Loss (probable) labor supply
-Depression, vices, etc.

Risks associated

Associated with the work of kitchen accidents are fairly common, although there are usually much gravity.

(1) beats, cuts with objects and tools and pinch:

The employed as (grinders meat slicers, mixers, etc.)
-The manufacturer’s instructions must be scrupulously respected.
-It is advisable to design working procedures for the operations of cleaning, maintenance and replacement of components that are the most dangerous.

Utensils (knives, machetes, scissors, etc.)
-Handles the same duty kept in perfect condition and sharp edges.

(2) falls on the same level:

These accidents are also very common, mainly due to soil can be impregnated of slippery substances (FAT or food) or wet.
-To prevent falls, it is essential to keep workplaces clean, eliminated spills as soon as they occur.
-If many people work in the kitchen, it is suitable to mark the freshly scrubbed areas with posters.
-Also it is very important to the type of footwear, must have sole.

(3) connection:

Sometimes very heavy objects (pans, gas bottles, food packages) are handled.
-It is possible to eliminate this need (substituting pans for boiling pans, use natural gas or bases with wheels to gas cylinders, fractionating the)
-Occasionally other possible modifying jobs
-If not possible, it is essential to educate workers well in handling of loads and turn to the manipulation of the heavier objects between several people.

(4) Burns, fire, explosion:

Due to the nature of the works that are carried out are very likely accidents.
-All hot containers must be handled with gloves anticaloricos.
-Do not fill containers above three quarters of their
-Transfers of hot liquids and the addiction of components of the different dishes will be made more slowly.
-Must periodically check the fuel system and the
correct operation of the means of fire protection.

5 electrical contacts

The kitchens are local wet.
-Plugs and electrical circuits must be completely insulated.
-If it is possible to switch high sensitivity differential will be installed.
-Correct operation will be reviewed periodically.
-Also it check at least once a year that Earth resistance remains within the permissible limits.
-Drivers of different teams will be in perfect condition.

6 biological hazards

An infection in the kitchen is quite unlikely because the health checks of food.
-It is recommended the use of disposable gloves (preferably not from latex, because this product may produce allergy in some people).
-Never should work with open wounds.
-If a failure occurs, stops the output of the blood and should meet as soon as possible.

Personal protection elements

-Hat or Cap
-Ear protection anatomical

-Fabric mask


-Closed-stick rubber-soled leather shoe.
-Waterproof apron
-Jacket (cold rooms)
-Pants with pockets (in cotton)
-Sleeve short, and v-neck (cotton).


Not simply brushing your teeth 3 times a day and use a dental floss as dentists recommend it.It is also good that you take a hand to the wellness of your teeth with the power.

Nutrition is important for each one of the cells of the body and of course the teeth and gums also come into play. The mouth in particular is one of those parts that need you choose well what comes because there they can pass some that can give bacteria that cause plaque.

Midway Dental Center says that when you take or chew sugars or flours, not only you feed you but that at the same time the plate is fed, which can wreak havoc on your mouth.When these foods come in contact with the plate, the acids that are formed can attack your teeth for 20 minutes or more, after you finish eating.

In addition there are to avoid foods that combine sweet elements, acids, and ‘peajosos’, according to recommended Miriam R. Robbins of the Department of dentistry at the University of New York.

  • Tip: to remove that kind of food, Robbins warns that brushing shortly after having consumed may end up causing more damage to your tooth enamel is weaker for having contact with this ‘harmful’ meal. She recommends waiting at least 20 to 40 minutes before removing the toothbrush.

These then are, on the other hand, foods that help your teeth does not suffer as much havoc and by the way is a good diet. Try to consume more than these that those high in sugar and flour.

  1. Cheese and Yogurt: The cheese on one side is low in sugar and acids and high in calcium, making it a very good choice. In addition it contains casein, a milk protein, rich in phosphorus, which helps to fortify the teeth surface. And Yogurt, also containing casein and calcium, helps restore minerals to the teeth.
  2. Water of the key (or pen): According to the National Institute of dental and Craniofacial issues research, 67% of the population of the United States that receive water from the public service in their homes, take this liquid with optimal levels of fluoride to help prevent tooth decay.
  3. Celery and Pears: Most foods raw, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, are good for your teeth because its natural fibers make you have to chew more, making you produce abundant saliva (contains bicarbonate which makes the acid is neutralized). The celery on the one hand, according to Robbins, is particularly good since it has fibrous strands that help clean teeth naturally. And the pears stand out among other fruits because a 2004 study found that this had a major effect to neutralize the acid than others, including Apple, banana, Tangerine and pineapple.
  4. Sesame seed oil: sesame seeds are good to reduce plaque and help to restore minerals to the enamel of the teeth. So you could not only eat it, but also gargle with this oil.
  5. Chewing gum without sugar: although many good things about the artificial sweeteners, in oral health matters are heard if you can find something good of these and has its own name. He is xylitol, a substitute for sugar that can be found in chewing gum and sugar-free mints. This helps to prevent because it makes exactly otherwise making sugar, which is feeding the bacteria causing decay and damage in the gum. In addition, “chewing gum removed macanicamente plaque and bacteria from your teeth,” added Robbins.

That Yes, not only by eating well help your teeth, wash them as your dentist recommends it you also is vital to your oral health. Batteries! A disease in your mouth could lead to other diseases, even has come to be considered a risk factor for cardiovascular problems.

Top 25 movies related to food you should watch

The film remains an effective way to increase awareness and interest in specific topics. In this article we collect some shorts and documentaries about the food system found on the network. This article is based on a work of the MovieTube and the investigation of Foundation soil. We offer a list of hdmovie in which the protagonists are food, intended vision so we adopt a more healthy and sustainable diet. This collection serves to also delve into the importance of the rights over the land of small farmers, from those located in sub-Saharan Africa, passing by the insidious dominance of fast-food in an urban community in California. Each title offers an opportunity to be informed and inspired at the same time a new style of healthy food for us and the planet.



1. A farmer in Africa: property rights: in the developing around the world, farmers are losing their land and natural resources, causing negative effects in the media of local life and well-being, and the local environment and ecosystem services. Short of the World Resources Institute. 01:56 min

2. A place at table (a place at the table): documentary about hunger, especially in the United States, with the presence of Jeff Bridges, describing the challenges for the food system. 02:26 min.

3. Fast Food: mounting with infographics on different data on food. 02:15 min.

4. Food chains (food chains): film by filmmaker Sanjay Rawal on violations of human rights of agricultural workers who harvest 125 million kg of fresh fruit and vegetables (280 million dollars) every day in the United States.

5. le soif du monde (the thirst of the world): 90-minute documentary by photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, author also of the Homedocumentary, focused on the problems of water.

6. food speculation: in 2007 and 2008, food prices have increased considerably, giving rise to unrest in countries in development. Economy world, ecology and development (WEED) describes how the speculation of financial futures on food values causes dangerous fluctuations. 07:17 min.

7.- Forks Over Knives: this film shows how degenerative diseases, which are a scourge in the United States, are due to the consumption of processed foods and animal products.

8. Fresh, the movie: a documentary that highlights farmers who are innovating and reinventing food systems to avoid pollution, obesity, and the depletion of natural resources. 72 minutes.

9. the hidden Burger costs: short film of the investigative Center where details the costs of meat with surprising data. 07:52 min.

10. How to feed the world? (How to feed the world?): short film created for the Bon appétitexhibition in city of the Sciences of Paris in 2010. It offers viewers a global perspective on the production and distribution of food along with guidance on how to eat in a more sustainable way.09:04 min.

11. The Harvest (harvest): documentary that follows the lives of three immigrant farm workers, all of them under the age of 18 years. 07:27 min.

12. King Corn: it is a documentary about two friends who grow an acre of corn, and they realize how their harvest drives fast food. With the help of neighbors, poisonous herbicides and genetically modified seeds get a harvest record, most subsidized in an acre of Iowa soil. And when they try to follow the trail of their harvest of corn in the food system they assail them questions about what we eat and the way in which we cultivate.

13. Nokia, HK Honey: hidden in the cityscape of Hong Kong, there is a community of beekeepers who are providing residents access to the honey in the area and help urban dwellers are closer to their food. 03:21min.

14. Our daily bread: 90-minute documentary that provides a shocking look at how food is produced and how food production companies use technology to maximize efficiency and profit.

15. The Garden (the garden): documentary that tells the story of a South Central Los Angeles community to defend a piece of land to cultivate in middle of the city.

16. The Meatrix: this small film addresses four basic issues: cruelty to animals of the present system of meat production, the inherent danger of creating resistant germs by excess supply of antibiotics, the massive contamination of the environment by manure and agriculture-based fertilizer to feed the animals and the destruction of rural communities.

17. the price of sugar: commovedora film that examines the working conditions and the treatment of Haitian sugar cane farmers in the Dominican Republic. A complaint about basic human rights involved in the cultivation of sugar. 90 min

18. Scarecrow: short animation in which the protagonist is a scarecrow who comes to free their local food processed and non-sustainable food system. It promotes an app (The ScareCrow) in favour of sustainable food. 03:23 min.

19. Taste the waste: 90 minute documentary filmmaker Valentin Thurn about food that we throw away the trash. In European households every year food are thrown away amounting to 100 billion euros, an amount that is equivalent to the annual turnover of Nestlé, the world’s largest food company.

20. Waste (garbage): a brief synopsis about the issues of foods that end up in the trash with very basic information, but precisely for this reason interesting. It is a short film produced by Schnittstelle THURN GbR from commissioned by WWF Germany and UNEP in collaboration with FAO and the SIWI.

21. Bottled life: documentary about the problem of bottled water. Comment and basic data of “Bottled life ““.

22. Our poison everyday: almost 2 hour documentary based on the book’s complaint about the genetic manipulation of food of Marie-Monique Robin.

23. We feed the world: 96-minute documentary on the food and globalisation, fishermen and farmers, truckers and corporate executives, on the movement of products and money, about scarcity surrounded by abundance. With its unforgettable images, the film informs us about our food production and tells us we have something to do with the hunger in the world. Comment and basic data of we feed the world.

24. Super size me: filmmaker Morgan Spurlock follows its evolution for thirty days – under medical control – eating only the American menu McDonald’s star to report how it affected the health of people in a documental-testimonio of 90 min. Comment and basic data of Super Size Me.

25. Fast Food Nation: 115 min. film that tells the investigations about how it is possible to find droppings in hamburger meat. The story based on the book by Eric Schlosser “Fast Food. The dark side of junk food“is also a statement against the harsh working conditions of Mexican workers.Comment and basic data of Fast Food Nation.

Diet for people with disabilities or in bed

If you’re in bed or with canada disability benefits, whether temporary or permanent, you need to know how to optimize your nutrition so you can maximize your quality of life. Pay close attention to your diet can help prevent disease and compensate for the fact that you can not be able to perform traditional physical exercise. A diet rich in vitamins and nutrients can help you recover more quickly or make the most of a bad situation.

Nutrition and rest in bed

Whether you are disabled or confined to bed rest, you still need the same type of diet than others. According to hospitals and clinics at the University of Iowa, a diet for someone who is currently physically disabled must be the same balanced diet recommended for the general population. The only real difference is that you need fewer calories overall, because you do less physical activity during the day.

Diet tips

The American Cancer Society (ACS) offers general recommendations of diet of quality which should be used by almost everyone under the Sun. The ACS emphasizes a diet based on plant because it has been shown statistically that diets high in fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of cancer, among other illnesses, such as diabetes and hypertension. So the basis of your diet while you’re in bed must include a portion of fruit or vegetables and a serving of whole grains in each meal. This will ensure that your fiber consumption remains relatively high and that your body is provided with sufficient nutrients for function and optimum recovery. Apart from the above, also you should strive to reduce the intake of unhealthy fats. Unhealthy fats is usually considered are trans fats and saturated. Trans fats are most often found in foods that are fried, but can also appear in other places; always check the nutritional information before eating a new food. Saturated fats are most often in the meat with more fat, so to reduce your consumption of fat red meat whenever possible and best eats many lean white meats (chicken and Turkey). Although it is higher in fat, fish is still a good choice to include in your diet, since it contains a lot of healthy omega-3 fats to heart. Examples of healthy fats include olive oil, fish oil, coconut, almonds, walnuts, peanuts and other foods containing unsaturated fat.

 Measuring calories

To have a clear idea of the amount of calories you can consume with your level of activity naturally more low, you must keep a daily record of food for at least one month or two.During this time, get track of the food you eat and your total daily calorie intake. It measures your weight at the end of each week. If involuntarily you gain or lose weight, make small adjustments to your diet – by adding or subtracting 200 calories per day–and returns to evaluate after a week more or less. The constant modulation of your caloric intake will ensure that don’t eat in excess or less accidentally while you are relatively stationary.

Bankruptcy of McGrath Fish House

The chain of restaurants McGrath completo Fish House, Salem, announced onWednesday that presented their 20 businesses under Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


An ill-timed expansion outside the Northwest, in mid-2007, was the origin of all thefinancial ills of the company. McGrath completo Fish House businesses in theSouthwest went through difficulties in the midst of the recession, said its founder,John McGrath.


“It’s been a very difficult situation for us,” he said.


As people spend less in general, losses are more pronounced for restaurants. Andforeclosure rates skyrocketed in Arizona, where McGrath has three restaurants.


Meanwhile, the company is indebted to launch and maintain their new restaurants,Statesman Journal reports.


Chapter 11 protection will allow the chain to operate normally and keep most of theirrestaurants open – perhaps all while he designed a plan of reorganization. McGrathwill continue complying with the terms of the gift cards, said the founder of thecompany.


“We have to wait and see what happens with the lenders,” said McGrath.


“McGrath became an institution in Oregon and southwest Washington. We are doingeverything possible to preserve that tradition”, said.


Bankruptcy in Arizona, AZ documents show that the estimated assets of the business are USD 10million to USD 50 million, as well as their liabilities. The company has between 1,000and 5,000 creditors.


General Electric Capital Corp is the first in the list of creditors without preferentialrights, with nearly USD 3.8 million, of which $ 2 million are preferential. SterlingsSavings Bank claims more than $ 3.4 million, of which approximately USD 2.4 millionare preferential.


Attorney Leon Simson of Tonkon Torp LLP, Portland, represents McGrath’s case.


McGrath opened the first restaurant McGrath completo Fish House in Salem in 1980on a “shoestring budget”, with loans of cash from family members and a smallbusiness administration loan. Today the chain has about 1,000 employees, of whomhalf live in Oregon and southwest Washington. The company has also restaurants inIdaho, Colorado, Arizona and Utah.

What are you studying to become a chef?

To study for a professional Chef, you should know that there are many alternatives, inArgentina for example, as courses or tertiary careers, are classes simply obtaining thedegree of Chef or variants such as international Chef. Specifically, what is studied isgastronomy and the title to get will depend on the specialization to which you have subscribed. There are Chefs dedicated exclusively to the cakes and pastries, whileothers will be more focused in the kitchen.

Profesionales gastronómicos

Why choose Chef career?
Just that you are passionate about the culinary arts, to say that the kitchen is yours,here is not that you like to eat, what you love and truly enjoy doing is cooking, createnew combinations or bring your creativity at the service of classic dishes, making thema better version or, at least, a distinct. The cuisine is intended as an interesting jobs near me output to overseas and is this another reason to choose this career.


Another reason why the lean by the profession of Chef is the short duration trainingprocess. There are various options, while there are skills that only last a year, you’ll findmore advanced courses of between 2 and 3 years. In races that last for 3 years, there isalso the possibility of obtaining intermediate titles, such as for example, title of theinternational Barman or professional pastry.
What kind of work does a Chef?
This professional becomes in the jede faith kitchen, as well as learn cooking from the most simple to the most complex dishes, must know managing a kitchen, and entrust activities to those who have a lower rank, organizing them efficiently and at the sametime, you can and should create. Because what a chef of a chef, the difference is thatthe first does not execute a recipe obtained from other artists of the kitchen, thiscreates new dishes or adapted traditional meals to modern gastronomy.
Where can you work a Chef?
The simplest answer would be in any kitchen, because, in particular, you can do it.Usually, a Chef working in restaurants, hotels, events (conventions, congresses,concerts, weddings, birthdays) and cruises.
How to know if the Chef career is ideal for me?
There are those who simply attributed it to a matter of vocation and indeed, many ofthe best Chefs loved the kitchen always, but may you‘re in uncertainty and don’t reallyknow if it is what you want for your life. If you enjoy cooking, if you feel a great desireto try new dishes and make creative combinations, if everytime you eat a sandwichyou try to identify what kind of ingredient has and if you could spend hours in thekitchen trying to create delicious dishes, Chef career is the best choice for you