Life Insurance for Chef

A top chef like Jesús Almagro works all day! And more in a web of insurance! This post is about insurance should or should have a great Cook. Hope with this post a little more discover the relationship between insurance and the top chef!top-chef-jesus-almagro


A top chef safe!

Jesús Almagro is synonymous with good cook, good people, positivity in spades!

From the top life insurance agency Mississauga wanted to talk with him quietly about the insurance industry! And put admirations because we imagined that I would say that no; that “insurance knows little and is not its subject”… The case is that after a few email exchanges, finally we could access it and his response was “that he would be delighted, that in fact the topic interested him much”.

It seemed a sign that, at first, we could not chat with him since he had a lesion (light, nobody worry) in the arm. At that time the sick leave insurance came to mind and emerged us more questions if anything about this great “top chef” and their possible experiences with the insurance sector.

Due to the extent of our conversation, we will divide the “interview” in two parts. And again we return to put quotes in the interview word because, in reality, it was an interesting and entertaining conversation.

Jesús Almagro is currently head chef of the restaurant Piñera in Madrid. Indeed, must-see!Recommended 100%

He began his training at the Escuela de HOSTELERÍA de Madrid, that makes already more than twenty years in which has been engaged in body and soul kitchen.

He has worked with the best chefs and restaurants, Arzakand Berasategui, La Terraza del Casino ,Zalacain. Its largest stage lived it together with the chef and entrepreneur Pedro Larumbe, who says that he learned much of everything you know.

His career pass, among other things, by winning the Championship of Spain of kitchen in 2006 and be the ninth ranked in the prestigious competition international Bocuse d’Or in 2007, the best position achieved to date by a Spanish. Their awards are numerous and recognized, until in 2013 we could see him participate in the famous television competition Top Chef, where he was semi-finalist. With this contest, the truth, managed to reach the public in general, winning her affection and admiration.

From the beginning of 2014, has started a new stage facing the kitchen of the restaurant Pinera, as well as activities of advisory, training and research for various companies in the hospitality industry.To his followers, we know that it will be many, say that we can learn more about his career through his blog.


National survey of food in the child and adolescent population

It’s a food survey which includes child and adolescent population between 6 months and 17 years of age from all the autonomous communities. It is a single survey, which allows you to know exactly the kinds of foods and amounts consumed, which is essential to assess the intake of nutrients and for scientific research on exposure to other chemicals through food.

This project has begun in November 2012 and will be completed in the second half of 2014. From the spring of 2013 and a full year will be 1700 surveys of a sample of individuals previously selected random.

The activities of the Survey Site Reviews, from the design, are conducted in accordance with a harmonised and methodology agreed upon in Europe, collected in the book “General principles for the collection of national food consumption data in the view of a pan-European dietary survey”. By this Razonefsa has valued its inclusion in the first countries participating in the European project EU Menu group.

The project, coordinated by EFSA, aims to harmonise the data collection of foods within the European framework, so that the data obtained in the surveys in different countries may be comparable and can be treated in a global manner for risk assessments and decision making on food safety within the community.


In the survey ENALIA, following the guide above, applies different methodology depending on the age of the participants, two large known age groups between 6 months and 10 years and between 11 and 17 years.

The first group will be carried out twice-daily diet of one day and a home interview in which will take measure of weight and height.

In the latter years shall be two interviews of memory of 24 h, which will be supplemented with a questionnaire of frequency of consumption. Physical activity information will also be collected.

The consumed quantities will be calculated through the use of a photographic atlas of food designed and validated especially for this survey and homemade measures conversion table. For the preparation of this atlas as well as the different questionnaires have been followed the recommendations contained in the pilot projects of EFSA Pancake & Paneu

The field work will take place by interviewers especially trained and experienced in this type of survey.

For the classification and coding of food has been followed the method called FoodEx proposed by EFSA for the purposes of harmonization.

After treatment of the obtained results, details of individual consumption will be included in the basis of European food consumption data.

Photographic Atlas Enalia

It is recommended that the person who will fill the food consumption questionnaire use photographs of this atlas as an aid to calculate the size of the rations consumed.
The atlas includes 52 series of photographs of other so many different foods and each series contains between 4 and 6 photographs depicting different sizes of rations.
Most of the photographs can be used to help in the calculation not only photographing food, but also of others who once cooked have a similar appearance and whose amounts in weight are also determined. Each series of photos of food indicates this circumstance and various foods as an example.

Between cooking and singing

Luján Martínez Vidal is a singer marplatense part of the musical duo and band Porquesi The Box. He studied Bachelor of Arts and literary correction is English translator and his main hobby is cooking. Very inmiscuida in art in all its forms and in singing, dancing and acting in particular in 2006 began his career as a professional singer. Due to the rhythms of his profession, in 2011 he moved to Buenos Aires to seek new opportunities and experiences.That is why in 2014, Lujan took a place among participants of MasterChef, the program broadcast by Telefe.Today, the artist continues to cooking tips via your website, superior singing method review, and accompanies the flow of time into the opportunities open to him about his biggest passion: singing. Here’s a video showing his singing:


Why did you decide to move to Buenos Aires?

Because I felt that in Mar del Plata there was no cultural events and job opportunities as I needed. Besides, I like being on the go and try different things.

How did you live your way through MasterChef?

It was a very fun experience. I got to play because I am a fan of the format, and no doubt had fun. In addition, the best was to take friends who share my same passion.

Do you feel that television exposure helped give impetus to your career?

Not really. I think the exposure of realities is very strong, but also very short. So I do not put the program to look for something in particular, but just to play.

¿You kept friendships among the participants?

Yes, I am very fond of Coto, Jo, John, Paul, Laureano, Sol and Gaia. We see every week.

How do you get along with having so many new followers?

It is cornered know that more people will read and is attentive to your activities. I think it’s a good way to spread what you do.

Do you feel that your personal blog is a way to continue the path of the kitchen?

Yes, I think the blog is a place to dump my personal style of cooking and see the food. I really like the word and the kitchen, and I think the blog is the best way to join them. I’m also dabbling in food photography and love it, but I have a lot to learn yet.

lujan 2

Now that completed the program, is returning to abocarte you think the song?

The song is forever. It is my artistic haven, which try to keep “untouchable”, without any external contamination.Do not do it for money or impact, but do it because you generate something unique to you as a person. I can not imagine my life without singing.

How you doing labeled “singer hot” you built in some ways?

I cause much grace. If they saw me with The Box, know that we care everyone in the visual, and the show goes through much more than if I have a bodice studded and minishort. It is a component that has to do with the kind of music that influences me, the singers that I have artistic “models” and that dress is accompanying the genre.

What are your current and future projects?

There are several, but they have something in common: they all have to do all the I let it flow . Yes you have to prepare, study and have tools to deal with what is coming, but not be forcing “something happens” because I left a couple of months on TV. I think if things have to happen, happen sooner or later. My blog will continue to grow because it gives me great pleasure to write to it, like singing, which is something that always accompany me because it’s a piece of me. I have also eager to travel. It does me good, I clean my head and expands.

Do you feel that you found the dream you came for in Buenos Aires?

Since I moved to BA, every year I live is different from the previous. Translated, did theater in Corrientes, I went on tour, I was in a program of massive TV … I think relocate here was successful because Buenos Aires keeps me experiences that I myself understand yet what will.

The best foods to boost your sexual power

Well-being and fitness is important at all levels, but also to enjoy a fulfilling sex life . If you include these foods in your shopping cart you’ll see how you get to improve your performance in bed:

The best foods to boost your sexual power

1. Green vegetables (broccoli, cabbage or cabbage).
Almost all vegetables help the smooth functioning of the sexual organs. For example, spinach, which stands out as a source of magnesium, it is good to dilate blood vessels.

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The best foods to boost your sexual power

2. Nuts. Besides helping to improve sexual activity, nuts enhance the antioxidant action of vitamin E, which helps improve liver and reproductive functions. In addition, the 2-4 nuts daily consumption enhances both erection as increased sexual desire , while the composition of peanut can maintain a good blood flow.

On the other hand, we can not forget nor the pumpkin seeds , which have a large amount of zinc(nutrient that significantly increases the number of sperm in men with fertility problems) or almond, food containing a derivative proteinaceous very effective for good circulation in the pelvic area. In fact, the Arabs have a tradition of chewing a handful of almonds before intercourse . [Related: The best places in the world to link ]

 The best foods to boost your sexual power

3. Tea (unsweetened).
The antioxidant catechin , in tea, promotes blood flow throughout the body and therefore a greater sexual desire. It also promotes memory, mood and concentration.Specifically, a compound present in green tea called ECGC promotes loss of body fat.

But that’s not all, because a study published in the Journal of Nutrition has shown that people who consume three five cups of tea a day for 12 weeks experience a reduction in body weight of 5% . But should take it without sugar.

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The best foods to boost your sexual power

4. Eggs. Its high content of B6 and B5 helps stabilize hormone levels and relieve stress, extremely important issues to maintain libido. [Related: 10 Mistakes women in bed ]

The best foods to boost your sexual power

5. Fruits.
According to research by the University of Texas, men who consumed 200 milligrams of vitamin C per day, preferably grapes and oranges, improve their ‘count’ and mobility of sperm.

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The best foods to boost your sexual power

6. Fish (salmon, sardines or tuna).
Everyone should be very present in your weekly diet. For example, omega-3 fatty acids raise dopamine levels in the brain, which also favors the excitation.[Related: Oily fish prevents breast cancer ]

The best foods to boost your sexual power

7. Red wine.
A group of Italian researchers recently found that antioxidants and alcohol found in wine can start production of nitric oxide in the blood, which helps both relax the arterial walls as increase blood flow to the genitals. But kamagra is important to limit their consumption, otherwise can negatively affect our sexual performance. [Related: The jug of wine conquers the heart of London ]

Food Photography

Depending on the project, we can also do art direction and styling. We have produced photographs for cookbooks, recipes for magazines, restaurant menus, packaging  of food products and magazine ads, among others.

Depending on the project, shooting in the studio, in a photo booth or on the premises of our  customers , where a small stage with studio strobes mounted. If the customer decides to have the shooting inside photo booth and you don’t have one, you’ll need to call services like photo booth hire melbourne.

Photography Food: A Delicious Objective.

Brownie, chocolate ice creamThe main and most important when photographing a food goal is to look appetizing , inciting eat. To achieve this, we must take into account a basic rule in Professional Photography : as with people, no dishes or foods that are photogenic and others that are not. Therefore, the first thing to determine is if you want to photograph is photogenic or not.Otherwise, look for ways to improve the photogenic (adding or removing something from the plate or the still life or varying lighting or framing).

Keys to Good Food Photography Lighting.

Pasta salad parmigiano

To make the food look appetizing, the lighting plays a fundamental role.Depending on their shape, size and texture, a type of lighting that correctly highlight the volume and texture of the same shall be elected.For example, a salad or meat dish requires a side lighting, very different from a bowl of soup which has volume- and therefore should be emphasized over the plate geometry and colors.


The Length and Depth of Field.

A usual to add visual interest to technical Photography Food is to use short frames and a very large aperture to achieve shallow depth of field (which has the effect of blurring the background, visually very attractive in this kind of photograph).

For this type of framing is necessary to accommodate a target macro , ie, able to focus near the object. Often a 105 mm macro lens is used (in 35mm format). As with the rest of the team, the quality of the optics is very important to achieve excellent results.

Beef burger

Finally note that the position of the camera is another factor to consider when choosing the frame: we have different options, among which are the zenith position (the camera is placed above), the perpendicular position to the object, and the camera positioned at 45º thereof. The correct choice of any of these variants is very important for excellent photography that complies with the fundamental objective: to be appetizing .