Between cooking and singing

Luján Martínez Vidal is a singer marplatense part of the musical duo and band Porquesi The Box. He studied Bachelor of Arts and literary correction is English translator and his main hobby is cooking. Very inmiscuida in art in all its forms and in singing, dancing and acting in particular in 2006 began his career as a professional singer. Due to the rhythms of his profession, in 2011 he moved to Buenos Aires to seek new opportunities and experiences.That is why in 2014, Lujan took a place among participants of MasterChef, the program broadcast by Telefe.Today, the artist continues to cooking tips via your website, superior singing method review, and accompanies the flow of time into the opportunities open to him about his biggest passion: singing. Here’s a video showing his singing:


Why did you decide to move to Buenos Aires?

Because I felt that in Mar del Plata there was no cultural events and job opportunities as I needed. Besides, I like being on the go and try different things.

How did you live your way through MasterChef?

It was a very fun experience. I got to play because I am a fan of the format, and no doubt had fun. In addition, the best was to take friends who share my same passion.

Do you feel that television exposure helped give impetus to your career?

Not really. I think the exposure of realities is very strong, but also very short. So I do not put the program to look for something in particular, but just to play.

¿You kept friendships among the participants?

Yes, I am very fond of Coto, Jo, John, Paul, Laureano, Sol and Gaia. We see every week.

How do you get along with having so many new followers?

It is cornered know that more people will read and is attentive to your activities. I think it’s a good way to spread what you do.

Do you feel that your personal blog is a way to continue the path of the kitchen?

Yes, I think the blog is a place to dump my personal style of cooking and see the food. I really like the word and the kitchen, and I think the blog is the best way to join them. I’m also dabbling in food photography and love it, but I have a lot to learn yet.

lujan 2

Now that completed the program, is returning to abocarte you think the song?

The song is forever. It is my artistic haven, which try to keep “untouchable”, without any external contamination.Do not do it for money or impact, but do it because you generate something unique to you as a person. I can not imagine my life without singing.

How you doing labeled “singer hot” you built in some ways?

I cause much grace. If they saw me with The Box, know that we care everyone in the visual, and the show goes through much more than if I have a bodice studded and minishort. It is a component that has to do with the kind of music that influences me, the singers that I have artistic “models” and that dress is accompanying the genre.

What are your current and future projects?

There are several, but they have something in common: they all have to do all the I let it flow . Yes you have to prepare, study and have tools to deal with what is coming, but not be forcing “something happens” because I left a couple of months on TV. I think if things have to happen, happen sooner or later. My blog will continue to grow because it gives me great pleasure to write to it, like singing, which is something that always accompany me because it’s a piece of me. I have also eager to travel. It does me good, I clean my head and expands.

Do you feel that you found the dream you came for in Buenos Aires?

Since I moved to BA, every year I live is different from the previous. Translated, did theater in Corrientes, I went on tour, I was in a program of massive TV … I think relocate here was successful because Buenos Aires keeps me experiences that I myself understand yet what will.

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