8 recipes from movies you can do at home

How many times has happened when you watch recent movies and a scene where the characters eat something delicious and is has fancied you, but you could not get the recipe anywhere? For the lovers of the good films and good food (like us!), we bring you this collection of recipes made by youtubeonfire that appear in movies and you can do at home.

When you invite to eat someone not afraid exaggerate when it comes to discuss the menu because, literally, they are movie recipes!

1. bruschetta with tomato and Basil of Julie & Julia

If you saw the movie Julie & Julia, inspired by the real life of the blogger’s kitchen Julie Powell, who aspires to cook recipes from the Cookbook of the celebrated chef Julia Child in a period of a year, insurance will remember the tempting bruschetta with tomato and Basil. Enjoy the recipe!

2. Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe

The film fried green tomatoes was nominated and won several Oscars, and this sure recipe will devastate among your friends and family! Try these fried green tomatoes and then tell us.

3. spaghetti with meatballs of Lady and the tramp

The film Lady and the tramp may be children, but we assure you that this recipe forspaghetti with meatballs will enjoy her whole family, no age limit.

4 Garfield lasagna

Since we are talking about children’s movies, authentic lasagna Garfield, the movie, from ironic and fat Orange Cat could not miss that in addition to its series of cartoons and comics, he has also thrown two films. A real delight of the seventh art!

5. Ratatouille omelet

To prepare a perfect French omelet, nothing better than inspired by the little rat chef’s Ratatouillemovie, Remy. Who can know more French than French cuisine (even a rat)?

6 Donuts Simpsons

Many times happened to me after watching a chapter or movie of The Simpsons, want to eat some donuts as those that appear there. If you same thing happened, here’s the solution: prepare your own American donuts equal to the Simpsons.

7 quail in “Like water for chocolate” rose petals

If you fell in love with the film like water for chocolate, sure you fall in love with this delicate and tasty recipe of quail in rose petals, perfect for a special occasion!

8 “Matilda” chocolate cake

Those who enjoyed the movie Matilda sure will love this chocolate cake. And if you didn’t see the movie, it doesn’t matter; you like the chocolate will be enough to enjoy this cake.

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