7 great documentaries about food that will make you aware

One of the significant factors that we must take care to take care of our health is the kind of power that we have. If you want to know how it affects us the food industry and the type of modern diet that we carry, then we recommend these movies about food that certainly make you open your eyes when deciding what you eat.

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#7 Hungry For Change

Tags are a very subtle way that industries have to deceive consumers, or in the best cases hide certain information. The secrets that any laboratory or company would like to reveal and that precisely is what is responsible for revealing this documentary. A tour of different foods by checking the ingredients that consumers eat and those that motivate them almost to follow him doing almost like an addiction.

#6 Food Matters

Along the same line, this documentary follows, but instead of showing us the negative about the food we buy shows us the positive produce them, know their qualities and the status of what we eat. Without a doubt, they are very useful tools that help us to lead a healthy life without the use of chemicals in our body.

#5 Food inc.

This documentary offers a realistic look at the us food industry during the administration of George W. Bush. Directed by Robert Kenner, Food Inc. It is a picture of how this industry and the different perverse clauses imposed by Government to producers to grow the products under certain chemicals issued by some laboratories are handled. A permanentlobbying that will make you think that up to the minimum block that you eat can be agrochemicals and GM.

#4 Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes With Raw Food

Diabetes is also a condition that is very difficult to carry every day. Each diet must be strictly careful so that any value of our body to become unbalanced. This documentary is just that: see a diabetic for a month in his attempt to improve his health beginning to change their eating habits.

#3 Super Size Me

Surely you have heard about this documentary on several occasions. A very good movie to take conscience about what cause strings of junk food in our body and especially accompanied by soft drinks. A human experiment that no one should overlook the fact before making the decision to eat at fast food restaurants.

#2 Fast Food Nation

A movie that you have to know before eating out of your House. The story reveals the logic of the market of fast food, the big multinationals, the role of employees and consumers. A false signature of burgers that leaves much to be desired with their products but which also continues to exist.

#1 Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

A documentary that serves to raise awareness and moved at the same time. A travel log in the United States undertaken by Joe Cross, a man who suffers from an autoimmune disease due to their poor diet, and that decides to change their habits to improve his delicate state of health.

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