10 healthy and nutritious food for your dog Fuente: Naturaleza

But that does not mean that there is no other type of food that can be given and that represent a very healthy contribution to your diet, refer the Dog Breed Index. Here is a list of suggestions, the contribution each one represents and even how to offer them to your canine friend.


Algae are an incredible source of calcium, folic acid, sodium, vitamin A and iodine, all of which are critical to the health of your dog. They are also energetic, strengthen the immune system and can be very good as a supplement to a diet if your dog is overweight.

As the presentation of the algae varies a lot, try to see which ones you like the most, your pet may be dehydrated or fresh, but in any case, those that come in powder can be added to any food.


This is undoubtedly one of the most complete and best foods for you and your pet. It has lutein (a natural protector for sight), has potassium and calcium so it is essential for bone health and provides fiber, iron, zinc and vitamin K, among others.

Catch it and give it to try your dog, you’ll be surprised how quickly you accept it, although you also have many alternatives, since the broccoli is so versatile that you can liquefy it, cut it small or incorporate it into any other food.


Eggs are one of the best and most effective sources of protein, which are indispensable for a dog. The variety of amino acids is enriched by a high content of minerals and various nutrients that help strengthen the muscles, bones, heart and brain.

If you are completely sure of the freshness and origin of the eggs, you can give them raw, otherwise, cook them, remove the eggshell and give them small pieces alone or with any other food you like.


This fruit rich in fiber will make your dog the same effect as you: it is an excellent cleaner of teeth and gums, fights halitosis (bad breath) effectively, is moisturizing and diuretic and is delicious.

Try to give your dog diced (well washed and shelled) according to the size of your mouth or shred it and mix it with your food. Their sweet taste will enchant you.


Its high content of water and fibers is very beneficial for the general health of the dog. It is a natural moisturizer of the skin, stimulates the digestive system and also love it.

Take care of it without shell (for the plant protection products you may have) and seedless, especially dogs of small breeds can choke with them.


Dogs are usually treats, so giving them a spoonful of unprocessed pure honey will be like a daily prize and you will bring extra energy, an excellent treatment for hair and skin, a natural healing and antibiotic and many more benefits.


If your dog is of the “active” type this is an ideal food for him, since he has many healthy and energetic components such as vitamin B complex, especially B12, omega-3 oils, different proteins and lots of vitamin D for Fix the calcium in the bones.

The sardines should be fresh, cooked in a healthy way (never fried or with marinades or sauces) and special care must be taken to remove the bones before giving them, because they usually love and eat them quickly.


This grain of South American origin is really healthy, besides having a high content of fibers, proteins and almost all the necessary nutrients (minerals, vitamins, etc.).

To prepare it you will have to rinse it beforehand and then boil it. Once cooked, offer it to your dog as it has a good flavor and maybe you like the natural; Otherwise do not worry, as it is a small grain that mixes easily with other foods.


In addition to improving eyesight and preventing the appearance of cataracts, it is excellent for hair, has a large percentage of fibers that prevent constipation, is an effective natural regulator of Stomach Ph (prevent acidity) and an excellent antioxidant (for its great Beta-carotene content).

If you get used to it as a child, your dog will eat it raw. Be careful with the puppies, because they can choke. Grated and attached to other ingredients will be a delicacy for them. Cooked and sliced ​​or mashed will also love it.


Thanks to its high content of beta carotene (anti oxidant and natural anti-inflammatory) is a very healthy food that helps prevent joint problems, has anti parasitic effects and is a natural hair enhancer. It is also excellent as a preventive of immunological problems and even some cancers (such as prostate cancer).

You can boil it to the steam, taking care that it is crisp so that you can also enjoy the texture of this delicious vegetable. If you do not feel like it, you can make a puree and add it to your meal.

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