Ethnic recipes

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Ethnic recipes

Chinese recipes - Many people around the world enjoy eating chinese food, but preparing chinese recipes at home is still uncommon. Actually, there is nothing mysterious about basic chinese cooking, it is nutritious, tasty and economical.

Indian recipes - The food of India reflects the great variety of indian life. What people eat depends on the crops raised in the area, the ethnic and religious traditions and their lifestyles. These variations create a fascinating and unique cuisine.

Japanese recipes - When they prepare food, the japanese use basic cooking methods that enhance the natural flavors of all the ingredients. Most of these methods are easy, but they produce dishes that look beautiful and taste delicious.

Korean recipes - When you sit down to your first korean meal, you will probably immediately notice the similarities to other asian cuisines. The koreans eat with chopsticks, which means that the food is usually cut into bite sized pieces.

Thai recipes - Thai cooks insist on using only the freshest and best quality ingredients. Their food is spicy and rich with a characteristic blend of sweet, sour, and salty tastes, beautifully arranged and greatly influenced by other countries.

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Indonesian recipes - Some foods, such as rice, sate and gado-gado are enjoyed throughout Indonesia. But most areas have their own special ways of preparing these dishes. Sate, for example, is made with different meats in different places.

Vietnamese recipes - Because of its warm climate, Vietnam produces an abundance of fruits and vegetables. These fresh ingredients are the mainstays of their cuisine. Vietnamese serve many uncooked vegetables and fruits.

Lebanese recipes - Cooks in Lebanon use their fresh purchases from the souk to prepare distinctive and delicious dishes. Even if you can't visit a lebanese souk yourself, you can use these recipes to get a taste of this unique cuisine.

Israeli recipes - Israel's cuisine reflects a combination of influences from all over the world. Because most of the country's population is jewish, one of the strongest of these influences is the religious and cultural tradition shared by jews everywhere.

Turkish recipes - The history of food in Turkey stretches back to advanced agricultural civilizations such as the hittites. The way the foods are prepared varies depending upon local preferences and additional ingredients available.

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Ethnic recipes

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