National survey of food in the child and adolescent population

It’s a food survey which includes child and adolescent population between 6 months and 17 years of age from all the autonomous communities. It is a single survey, which allows you to know exactly the kinds of foods and amounts consumed, which is essential to assess the intake of nutrients and for scientific research on exposure to other chemicals through food.

This project has begun in November 2012 and will be completed in the second half of 2014. From the spring of 2013 and a full year will be 1700 surveys of a sample of individuals previously selected random.

The activities of the Survey Site Reviews, from the design, are conducted in accordance with a harmonised and methodology agreed upon in Europe, collected in the book “General principles for the collection of national food consumption data in the view of a pan-European dietary survey”. By this Razonefsa has valued its inclusion in the first countries participating in the European project EU Menu group.

The project, coordinated by EFSA, aims to harmonise the data collection of foods within the European framework, so that the data obtained in the surveys in different countries may be comparable and can be treated in a global manner for risk assessments and decision making on food safety within the community.


In the survey ENALIA, following the guide above, applies different methodology depending on the age of the participants, two large known age groups between 6 months and 10 years and between 11 and 17 years.

The first group will be carried out twice-daily diet of one day and a home interview in which will take measure of weight and height.

In the latter years shall be two interviews of memory of 24 h, which will be supplemented with a questionnaire of frequency of consumption. Physical activity information will also be collected.

The consumed quantities will be calculated through the use of a photographic atlas of food designed and validated especially for this survey and homemade measures conversion table. For the preparation of this atlas as well as the different questionnaires have been followed the recommendations contained in the pilot projects of EFSA Pancake & Paneu

The field work will take place by interviewers especially trained and experienced in this type of survey.

For the classification and coding of food has been followed the method called FoodEx proposed by EFSA for the purposes of harmonization.

After treatment of the obtained results, details of individual consumption will be included in the basis of European food consumption data.

Photographic Atlas Enalia

It is recommended that the person who will fill the food consumption questionnaire use photographs of this atlas as an aid to calculate the size of the rations consumed.
The atlas includes 52 series of photographs of other so many different foods and each series contains between 4 and 6 photographs depicting different sizes of rations.
Most of the photographs can be used to help in the calculation not only photographing food, but also of others who once cooked have a similar appearance and whose amounts in weight are also determined. Each series of photos of food indicates this circumstance and various foods as an example.

What are you studying to become a chef?

To study for a professional Chef, you should know that there are many alternatives, inArgentina for example, as courses or tertiary careers, are classes simply obtaining thedegree of Chef or variants such as international Chef. Specifically, what is studied isgastronomy and the title to get will depend on the specialization to which you have subscribed. There are Chefs dedicated exclusively to the cakes and pastries, whileothers will be more focused in the kitchen.

Profesionales gastronómicos

Why choose Chef career?
Just that you are passionate about the culinary arts, to say that the kitchen is yours,here is not that you like to eat, what you love and truly enjoy doing is cooking, createnew combinations or bring your creativity at the service of classic dishes, making thema better version or, at least, a distinct. The cuisine is intended as an interesting jobs near me output to overseas and is this another reason to choose this career.


Another reason why the lean by the profession of Chef is the short duration trainingprocess. There are various options, while there are skills that only last a year, you’ll findmore advanced courses of between 2 and 3 years. In races that last for 3 years, there isalso the possibility of obtaining intermediate titles, such as for example, title of theinternational Barman or professional pastry.
What kind of work does a Chef?
This professional becomes in the jede faith kitchen, as well as learn cooking from the most simple to the most complex dishes, must know managing a kitchen, and entrust activities to those who have a lower rank, organizing them efficiently and at the sametime, you can and should create. Because what a chef of a chef, the difference is thatthe first does not execute a recipe obtained from other artists of the kitchen, thiscreates new dishes or adapted traditional meals to modern gastronomy.
Where can you work a Chef?
The simplest answer would be in any kitchen, because, in particular, you can do it.Usually, a Chef working in restaurants, hotels, events (conventions, congresses,concerts, weddings, birthdays) and cruises.
How to know if the Chef career is ideal for me?
There are those who simply attributed it to a matter of vocation and indeed, many ofthe best Chefs loved the kitchen always, but may you‘re in uncertainty and don’t reallyknow if it is what you want for your life. If you enjoy cooking, if you feel a great desireto try new dishes and make creative combinations, if everytime you eat a sandwichyou try to identify what kind of ingredient has and if you could spend hours in thekitchen trying to create delicious dishes, Chef career is the best choice for you

Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice)


NASI Goreng literally means “fried rice”, and is one of the most popular of the Indonesian cuisine.

I recognize that this recipe has a speck of bad milk. Yes, little but rather. I say this because in a certain sense, this post is a reaction against the unbearable, omnipresent and weary “rice three delights” of Chinese life…

In Asia, from Pakistan to Viet Nam, and Philippines Korea, each country, each region has its own rice fried, sauteed with the products of its land, and seasoned according to the tastes of its people.

NASI Goreng, Khao Pat, Com Trom… and so many dozens.

Perhaps the Nasi Goreng is one of the best known inside and outside Indonesia. Its peculiarity is that it combines two powerful, sweet and spicy flavors.

It is hot because it is usually cooked with chillies or chilli paste. A typical Indonesian sauce, Kecap Manis sweetness is provided. Prepared with Palm sugar sweet and very thick, soy sauce. A teaspoon is used to flavor and dyed black a dish. It is easy to find in Asian stores.

Also add ketchup or tomato sauce, and vegetables that you have on hand. I’ve used only carrot, but the cabbage and green beans tend to be common.

I have omitted the trassi, Indonesian shrimp paste. I wanted to make a recipe more simple and totally vegetarian.

Perhaps the form that accompanied the peculiarity of the Nasi Goreng. Typically, top with a fried egg, and flank it with satays (chicken skewers), slices of tomato and cucumber and kerupuk. The kerupuk is the bread of prawns which lay in Chinese restaurants, these white or pink cookies light flavored seafood…

My relationship with Nasi Goreng is somewhat ambiguous. I love that safe, and I remember having it eaten first in indonesian restaurant Singapore for many years.

But on the other hand it brings back memories of my first trips on the island of Flores, when ayam goreng and nasi goreng were the basis of all meals of the day. A trip full of incidents, threats, Getaways and fried rice…

I’ll take the good. I still love very much.

The recipe is a version of several I’ve tried, but is a tribute to Santika, Indonesian chef of the treasure island who kindly provided me. Thank you.

Two things before the end, the two golden rules from the fried rice;

1 Cook steamed rice. That is to wash it before cooking, but never after.

2 what most important, always cook this dish with cooked rice COOLED, that mode will not stick and will become an inedible paste.


1 cup long-grain rice, preferably jasmine. Boiled and cooled
2 tablespoons shallots, chopped
1 chopped garlic
1 tablespoon of chopped carrots
1 tablespoon homemade fried tomato or ketchup
1 tablespoon clear soy sauce (or more, since it is not usually use salt)
1 teaspoon kecap manis
1/2 teaspoon chili paste or the spicy you want
Black pepper
1 tablespoon chopped scallion, green part


1 egg fried per person
2-3 satays (grilled chicken skewers)
Tomato slices
Cucumber slices
3-4 cookies of fried prawns


Put a couple of tablespoons of oil in a deep frying pan or wok. Sauté the shallots, garlic and carrots until they are tender and golden.

Add the rice and mix.

Season with the tomato sauce, soy sauces and chilli paste. Mix well and saute sautéing the set.

Adjust salt, pepper, spicy or soy. Add the onion, mix, and remove.

Use a small bowl as a mold, fill it with rice and emplatelo.

Put an egg fried, and on both sides the satays, tomato, cucumber and shrimp bread on top of the rice.

Korean Beef Bulgogi: One of the best dishes in Korea

If you love oriental food , then you should take note of this recipe chorea. The Korean bulgogi beef is one of the most requested by diners.

Korean Beef Bulgogi: One of the best dishes in Korea


-1 Kg. fine beef fillet

-1 Or 2 chopped garlic

-1 Onion-300 gr. scallions, chives or chopped chives

-2 Tablespoons of sesame oil

Ground black -Pepper

-4 Tablespoons soy sauce

-3 Tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon sesame seeds dessert

-Several Lettuce leaves

-4 Cups white rice

Pulp of spicy chile


Start this Korean recipe cutting steaks into thin strips of a cm. Then you mix them in a bowl with soy sauce, sugar, onion, scallions and garlic. Also, add sesame oil, black pepper and seeds. Let it marinate for a minimum of three hours. If you can leave a much better all night.

On the other hand, in a wok pour a tablespoon of oil and put it to heat. Remove meat from marinade and begins to fry until browned notes. Add the remaining mixture. Let it cook until vegetables are tender-crisp. Season with salt.

You can pair it with white rice and separate them into individual bowls.


Typical food in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the world’s most famous Southeast Asia for their meals and traditional dishes. And it offers a huge variety of flavor combinations that allow us to discover one of the main attractions ofMalaysia .

With a large Chinese influence , the dishes are colorful and tasty.


The Malaysian food is widely used chili and coconut milk.

Many dishes include rice and nooddles with meats and vegetables and many different sauces and intense flavors. It is generally eaten with chopsticks and a spoon. Often the dishes ordered in a restaurant are shared, although not as common as in other destinations in Asia. There is also a large presence of noodles and Europe are called Mee and eaten as noodldles.

These dishes can be ordered for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



Among the wide selection of food in Malaysia is always present the curry . It is added to soups and served as a thick sauce of concentrated flavor. For the Malaysian curries various meats and added seafood .


The national dish of Malaysia , named for its huge popularity, is the Nasi lemak , a traditional dish consisting of rice with cream and many use for breakfast or lunch.

Other Malaysian dishes are:

  • Satay : consists of various meats cooked on the grill and presented on skewers.
  • Kuih : a baked pie that is taken for breakfast.
  • Mee Rebus : a dish very popular noodles served with a sauce of potatoes.
  • Soto soup mee (noodles) and various sauces.

Soft diet after tooth extraction: Sample daily menu

soft food, extracting food, bland diet menu

Although already talked a little about  what foods we can eat a soft diet , where a general list shows the types of foods allowed and forbidden; there is nothing better to explain something to someone, to use an example, something practical.

And this is what I’m doing here, a brief example of the daily menu with choices of foods to eat, according to the time of day, and specifically, after a tooth extraction. It can also be used as a general guide, for after dental surgery performed.

What I can eat just leave the dentist?

When you leave the dentist in Albuquerque, after extraction, you should not eat anything until you have after a reasonable time. This time you will indicate the dentist, and usually takes about 30 minutes.
During this time, you should strongly squeeze him like gauze placed over the area where the tooth was, so avoid future complications .
Once past these 30 minutes, you can eat: 

- Ice Cream : This is the recommendation for excellence, ice cream. Yes, avoid those that contain peanuts, walnuts or any other kind of seed; because they can cause you trouble. Also avoid those containing shredded coconut.

- Pudding 
- Yogurt
- Juices and smoothies : Avoid acidic fruits like orange, lemon / lime and pineapple.  

What can I eat for breakfast? 

- 1 or 1/2 cup oatmeal, prepared with milk.

- 1 or 1/2 cup pureed fruit such as applesauce. (Like babies, you can eat type cast Gerber ® ).
- A cup of cereal, which is easily ensuavizan in milk, such asRice Krispies ® , or Corn Flakes ®. 
- A cup (cup) of any additional nutritional drink (there are many options on the market, one is the Ensure ® ). 

If you feel better, you can try to eat: 

- A portion (not integrated) light white bread with jam, or a muffin (a cupcake) . - A soft cup chopped fruit. It can be melon, banana (plantain), watermelon, papaya, mango, apple, peach, nectarine. What I can eat for lunch?


- One serving of fish, preferably steamed (“sweated”).
- A cream-soup, like cream of mushroom or spinach.
- One serving of canned fruits, such as peaches in syrup or “cocktail mixed fruit”. 
- One serving of mashed potatoes (potato), or any other vegetables like carrots. 

If you feel better, you can try eating:

- A serving of macaroni and cheese. 
- One serving of meatloaf (meatloaf) 
- A serving of scrambled eggs (“chopped egg”) 

What I can eat for dinner?

- One serving of mashed potatoes

- One serving of tuna (canned tuna)
- One serving of cooked vegetables, you can use: carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower. In general, any vegetables, try to choose those that you like, and like fish, preferably steamed. 

If you feel better, you can try to eat: 

- . A portion of pasta 
- . A portion of soft cheese such as cottage cheese or ricotta 
- . A serving of tofu 

What I can eat between meals?

Among the foods that you can “nibble” between meals are: 

- Ice cream.

- Mashed fruit 
- Yogurt 
- Peanut butter
- Gelatin 
- A soft fruit such as a banana or an apple, a pear, or peach skinless 
- . Frozen Yogurt 

What can I take? 

- Normal water or flavored (no ice)

- Juices and smoothies (no sour fruits, pineapple or orange nothing, nothing citrus)
- tea, like green tea, white, red, fruit. It is highly recommended chamomile tea, as it also helps you reduce inflammation.
- Milk
- Milkshake
- additional nutritional drinks
General recommendations

- You should not use straw (straw, straw) to take any liquid, it can cause complications, resulting in inflammation and severe pain. 
- When brushing your teeth, be careful not to hurt the area of extraction. When using mouthwash (preferably without alcohol), do not gargle (swish), instead, move the head so that the liquid covers the entire inside of your mouth. 
- Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. 
- If the dentist prescribes you antibiotics, should take the full treatment, and respecting the dosages and times taken. You must take all treatment ends. 
- supplementary nutritional beverages are included; because after a difficult extraction, many people of all can not eat anything, and need the required daily nutrients, which happily, these drinks can provide.
- This is a brief example of foods to choose from, if after day the dentist you ordered the soft diet, you feel good, your progress in recovery will indicate that food can start eating: If you tolerate eat them, eat them . . Try new foods 
– If after 4-5 days, after completion of the extraction, you start to notice the presence of a sharp pain in the area of extraction, accompanied by inflammation and bad breath, you should consult a dentist; it is possible that you are submitting a dental alveolitis.

Respect the soft diet, follow you closer to a full recovery . 

8 recipes of cold coffee to stay awake throughout the summer

1. Mocca Coffee ice cream

1. Mocca Coffee ice cream

Metés 375ml of cold coffee, 500 ml of skim milk, 3 tablespoons of melted chocolate, 2 tablespoons sugar and enough ice in blender. You give until it reaches the point frappé, serve and if you want you add a little whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Usually, a marvel.



2. Iced coffee with condensed milk

2. Iced coffee with condensed milk

In a metal bowl you put a teaspoon and 3/4 cup boiling water. You let stand a few minutes and glues everything with a coffee filter. Once cooled you add condensed milk shake and you put in a glass with ice. Re easy and yummy.



3. Iced coffee to the Caribbean

3. Iced coffee to the Caribbean

Pluck preparing a strong green coffee bean max to your liking. You let it cool and Volcae in the bowl of the mixer. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a little rum. Once well blended what you serve in a glass with ice.



4. Iced Coffee Liqueur with Brandy

4. Iced Coffee Liqueur with Brandy

Licuas in a blender with ice 30ml and 30ml Brandy liqueur coffee for 5 minutes. You serve in a glass and sprinkle with cinnamon to taste.



5. Frappé oreo

5. Frappé oreo

You put in a blender 1 cup of espresso (at least warm), 100g sugar, cinnamon to taste and 200cc of milk. Add ice and Licuas, Finally you add ice cream with oreo cookies American ice cream or cookies.



6. Frappucino Java-chip

6. Frappucino Java-chip

You prepare yourself 2 cups of coffee (espresso or instant), add sugar and you put a chill in the refrigerator. Once the coffee is completely cold throw everything into a blender and add 1 cup of milk and 4 bars of dark chocolate bar, sums a couple of ice and Licuas. Finally you serve everything and if you left wanting more PODES you add whipped cream and chocolate chips.



7. Iced coffee with vanilla and orange liqueur

7. Iced coffee with vanilla and orange liqueur

In 1 liter of boiling milk ponés dissolve 200g of sugar and 1 tube of vanilla and 4 tablespoons instant coffee. Dejás cool and once it’s what you put chilled in a blender, add 2 glasses of orange liqueur and 4 ice cubes, serve and ready.



8. Latte ice cream super fast

8. Latte ice cream super fast

The picture explains everything. You prepare yourself coffee and Völvas in a cubetera, which demands the freezer and when it is either frozen (it takes more water to freeze) sacás cubes coffee and get into a glass. Add milk, sugar, and ready. Fastest cold coffee history.

How to make raw food diet

The raw meal consists of (usually plants) raw and unprocessed, often referred to as “live”. The raw food diet is based on the belief that a diet rich in enzymes ensures optimal health. The enzymes help digest food; raw foods contain enzymes and help this process. When we cook food, natural enzymes are destroyed by heat (over 118 ° F or 48 ° C), and our bodies need to produce enzymes to digest food. [1] It is believed that this gives you a lot of stress to our body because it must be ordered to produce the necessary enzymes and digest food at the same time. [2] Cooking is also thought to diminish the nutritional value and “life force” of food. In addition to this fundamental reason, other reasons why people follow a raw food diet may vary. Ani Phyo says different reasons including weight loss, anti-aging, health benefits, the benefits of physical performance, and for a growing number of people is a way to adapt to a green lifestyle. [3] Many followers of the diet of raw foods are vegetarian because of personal belief that eating animals is unethical and unhealthy. [4] A raw food diet can be incredibly delicious and varied. Whenever I’ve done a proper investigation, a raw food diet can be well balanced in nutrients, providing optimal health and ideal weight. In this article we provide a guide to get you started on a raw food diet, including what you should buy for your kitchen and food types to consider.


  • Fresh vegetables, preferably organic fruit
  • Seeds and nuts, sprouted
  • Beans
  • Dried fruit
  • Algae or fresh lettuce
  • Condiments
  • Sweeteners (natural origin only)


  1. Go on a Raw Food Diet Step 1.jpg
    Find out about the raw food diet. Try to understand the purpose and philosophy behind the raw food diet which is an essential part of becoming an advocate and ensure that you get to enjoy and benefit from it.There are some known advocates raw food diet you can start reading, and there are numerous websites available to read.

    • Read books about raw food diets. Whether that ask rendered or buy, look books raw food diet quality to learn as much as possible. Some good books to start with are: Raw Family: A True Story of awakening by Victoria Boutenko.”The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell including alternative sources of protein.Many books raw food recipes also include historical background, nutritional analysis and philosophical bases, along with the recipes.
      Go on a Raw Food Diet Step 1Bullet1.jpg
    • Search online websites relevant. Search terms include “live foods or raw”, [5] , raw food diet, natural raw foods, raw, germination, dehydrator, juices, smoothies, vita-mix, enzymes, organic or raw food recipes, etc.


  2. Go on a Raw Food Diet Step 2.jpg
    Find a community. Join a local diner or start one.It is wonderful to share food with others.Online forums provide a great resource to meet other supporters of raw foods, swap recipes and answers to your questions.And there are some advocates of raw foods with Twitter and Facebook accounts to exchange messages, events, meetings and ideas that can awaken your own knowledge and expand your group of friends raw food.

    • Searching raw food festivals, gatherings, cafés and classes to forget how to cook.
  3. Go on a Raw Food Diet Step 3.jpg
    Try it. If you’re worried that not necessarily agree with the basics of eating raw foods all the time, the best advice is to try.Only you will know if eating raw food works for you if you try and see how you feel.Some suggestions for the transition to a diet of full or partial raw foods include:

    • Do not agonize over the decision. Reflect on the value of the raw food from the intellectual point of view it may be something to take you to your mind wander and can end up as an obstacle preventing you start at all. Moreover, what matters is how you “feel” with that diet, and little by little you agree with the science of nutrition as you advance (subject to the caveats below).
    • Be flexible. It could be that prefer to eat a partially raw diet for a period of time before moving to a completely raw diet. In some cases, you may never make the transition to a raw food diet overall, but may mix 60 percent raw and 40 percent cooked vegetarian food, for example. [6] The need for freshness , unprocessed foods, and organic sources remains relevant escogas you how to mix.
    • Trust your taste buds. If you care about the whys, trust your first palate. You’ll reassure that raw foods are delicious.
    • Appreciates the ease of preparation. Many raw foods are easy to prepare that escogas always the correct recipes. In fact, sometimes there is no need to worry about the recipes at all, but simply prepare food easily and enjoy them in their natural state as salads or as a snack.
    • Search for recipes that are not difficult to find exotic ingredients. You give up easily if you feel you have to walk around town or order them online to find those strange ingredients. You may want to use occasionally but keep most of your daily nutritional requirements with ingredients you can find locally without difficulty.
  4. Go on a Raw Food Diet Step 4.jpg
    Choose the right kitchen equipment. A quality kitchen equipment made ​​to follow a raw food diet much easier and less time consuming.Find items that are simple, affordable and easy to clean, and performing the functions you need.In preparing raw foods, typical preparation techniques include cutting into pieces, chopped coarse or fine, dicing, mincing, rajas, julienne, shred, grate and chiffonade.As raw foodist, you will benefit from using these “essential”:

    • Sharp knives are essential, along with cutting boards good quality (either the plastic ones that are easy to disinfect, wooden planks in good condition, or – preferably – bamboo tables).
    • A food processor can be very useful. A food processor is excellent for grinding and mixing different foods.
    • A drying removes moisture from the food and thus preserved for long term storage.
    • A blender. Ani Phyo also recommends  pastillas para adelgazar 2015. [7]
    • The juicers are a great and easy way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in a diet. Use it occasionally fruit because it is better to eat the fruit drink.
    • Experiment with a solar oven. [8] A solar oven uses minimal heat to preserve more nutrients. It can be used with a variety of dishes to make delicious pies, hot and cold soup, sauces, cookies, etc.
  5. Go on a Raw Food Diet Step 5.jpg
    Consider the source of your food. By switching to a raw food diet, the origin of food is important.Organic foods do not contain chemicals used in conventional crops.Although the scientific arguments continue to rage in the benefits it offers over conventional organic farming from a nutritional perspective, it is hard to argue with the fact that the application of chemical undue burdens on the environment it is damaging because grown foods with excessive chemical loads are depleting soil, polluting rivers and seas, and there are questionable pesticide residues in most of our food.And also worth investigating who is funding studies that debunk the values ​​of organic foods – trust your own preference for organic food and health value rather than await the outcome of the debate to decide the fate of your health .Ways to help yourself as:

    • Grow your own food. Experiment with the germination of seeds and herbs. A window sill to allow between the sun can be a good source of fresh food throughout the year.
    • Make your own compost . Your foods have more nutrients. Try a container of compost or worm composting .
    • Buy organic when you can. If price is an important factor for you, at least purchase the most recommended to be based on a healthy diet of organic foods. Some crops are sprayed heavily and raised more intensively than others – this is where you do your own research suit you very well.
  6. 6
    Learn which foods are part of a raw food diet. There are a variety of food available for raw foodist, contrary to the taunts of those who reject the diet may have.You are going to lose are the foods are processed, but that is an advantage, not a problem!At least 75 percent of the food consumed should not be heated over 118 ° F or 48 ° C. What you eat are preferably organic, whole unprocessed foods, such as:

    • Fresh fruits and vegetables – Make sure they are as fresh and organic whenever possible.You should always have a good variety of vegetables, root vegetables and fresh herbs in the fridge.
      Go on a Raw Food Diet Step 6Bullet1.jpg
    • Nuts and seeds – always tries to have two items of sprouts in your refrigerator at one time and always have sunflower sprouts available. Keep a jar of almonds soak in the refrigerator for immediate use (change the water every day, up to 5 days). [9] Seed Butter Nuts are also important in a raw food diet.
      Go on a Raw Food Diet Step 6Bullet2.jpg
    • Beans , beans or legumes.
      Go on a Raw Food Diet Step 6Bullet3.jpg
    • Dried fruits such as dates, raisins, cranberries, goji berries, pineapple, coconut, apricot, mango, apples, etc., are a great choice. The dates are excellent sweeteners for raw food desserts.
    • Herbs and spices fresh and dried – this adds variety and flavor to your food.
      Go on a Raw Food Diet Step 6Bullet5.jpg
    • Sales – these can provide mineral nutrients to your diet if you use sea salt, miso or nama shoyu or Himalayan salt.
      Go on a Raw Food Diet Step 6Bullet6.jpg
    • Oils – make sure your oil source is from a reputable place, and select virgin olive oil cold pressed flax oil cooled and oil cooled hemp.
    • Vinegar – is considered that apple cider vinegar is the best because it is high in malic acid, aiding digestion of proteins. [10]
    • Algae – this brings a wide range of minerals in your diet and lignans (anti-cancer properties). Search hijiki, dulse flakes, sheets of nori and wakame.
    • Young coconut milk.
    • Cocoa and carob – choose both good quality, organic, and are in airtight containers for freshness.
    • Pate raw food – this is a great way to entertain themselves in what is lunchtime and always have on hand for immediate supply.
      Go on a Raw Food Diet Step 6Bullet12.jpg
    • Sauerkraut – make yours cabbage and other vegetables, refrigerate as it is healthy and can be used to flavor many foods raw food. [11]
    • For omnivores and carnivores raw, eggs, fish (sushi, sashimi), meat, milk and milk products (non-pasteurized / non-homogenized) may also be included. [12]
      Go on a Raw Food Diet Step 6Bullet14.jpg
  7. Go on a Raw Food Diet Step 7.jpg
    Learn how to store food properly. Raw foods are more susceptible to decay and will not last as long as processed foods.You must consume raw foods quickly and replace them regularly.

    • Consume fresh food within the recommended time. Its quality deteriorates after this time.
    • Harvest own products as you need, so you will benefit from it, to enjoy the benefits “alive” until the last possible moment.
    • Freeze foods such as shelled nuts, seeds, dried fruit, carob, coconut, beans, etc., for better retention of its health benefits. [13]
  8. Go on a Raw Food Diet Step 8.jpg
    Transition. Enter slowly raw foods in your current diet.

    • Eat a variety of foods. Make a list of products, herbs, nuts and seeds from A to Z you would like to include in your raw food diet. Consume seasonal products, but be sure to include as much variety as possible.
    • Start with fresh fruit for breakfast. Or try a fresh fruit smoothie every breakfast, dairy products.
    • Enter raw foods and fresh vegetables in the remaining meals each week. For lunch and dinner, prepare a salad with other items that you are used to having.Includes nuts, seeds, sprouted seeds and bean sprouts.
    • Use pate made from plants, not milk condiments, fresh herbs, etc., to season raw food meals. The hummus can add something extra to many meals. The added flavor is very important for food not broken down by cooking, and helps transform a “salad” in a “meal”.
    • Use different techniques of food preparation to add variety, such as sprouted seeds, grains and beans, fruit juices and vegetables, dry and blend takes off.
    • Learn how to make raw food desserts. You do not have to leave your sweet tooth, many raw food desserts are possible to do more than simply chopped fruit.
  9. Go on a Raw Food Diet Step 9.jpg
    Exercise and relax . Optimal health is being healthy in a holistic manner. What happens in your body is important but so is exercising correctly, properly relax to reduce stress, and think positive for sure not bombard your body with negative thoughts, emotions and feelings.



  • Buy organic products if a certain type being treated with a large amount of pesticide.These data can be easily investigated online.
  • Much of the health benefits of a raw food diet is not so much about eating raw foods but rather not eat fried foods or processed. Some have found great benefit in mixing more raw foods in their diets and limit foods cooked / processed or being in a raw food diet for several days a week. The metabolism of each person is different and strict raw food diet may not be for you, so try and see how your body responds. You can benefit by mixing!
  • The raw food blogs are a great source of raw food recipes often include tips blogger, as reported what he did and did not work when tried to reproduce the recipes of popular books.
  • Smoothies can be better than juice because fiber remains intact. Naturally, the drinking experience is very different, so keep this in mind when choosing.
  • Raw foods and ingredients may include nut milk, milk shakes and frozen banana cream.
  • Supplement your diet with vitamin B12 to prevent anemia. Some products include this, but beware of processed foods that have been cooked or heated for preservation.
  • If you noticed that the raw food diet is very dependent on modern, such as freezers, refrigerators and electrical equipment equipment, this need not be so. You can bring a raw food diet without these amenities – just require more diligence, more daily preparation and daily collection or purchase of ingredients. It all depends on how much time you have available.
  • Be alert to changes in your digestive system or general welfare.
  • If you dine out, take some of your own ingredients such as avocado, lemon, herbs or natural dressing. Although, keep in mind that most health codes prohibit bring your own food to a restaurant, so it’s best to call ahead and ask that your needs are met. If this is not possible, a drink and a salad and eat later at home.
  • Be careful if you decide to eat raw animal products. Ask about their quality and origin and must be absolutely sure that they have been handled hygienically and optimal care.
  • Did you know that young adults have thirty times more enzymes older people? [14]Among older you get, the harder it becomes digestion. Keep this in mind when you get older; the benefits of raw food diet for healthy aging can be enormous. However, keep in mind that statements about enzymes are still disputed by most nutritionists and scientists who suggest that these enzymes are intended to be used by various agencies while they are alive and can not be of any benefit to the body human … and eating raw food is a bad way to get enzymes firstly because these enzymes are destroyed by stomach acid. Stay informed when you take your diet!
  • Some sources prefer to keep the temperature of cooking raw foods below 116 ° F or 47 ° C instead of 118 ° F or 48 ° C suggested in this article. [15] Ani Phyo defines living foods are foods that have not been heated above 104 ° F or 40 ° C. [16]Performs a read back for you to decide yourself which temperature is better.

Between cooking and singing

Luján Martínez Vidal is a singer marplatense part of the musical duo and band Porquesi The Box. He studied Bachelor of Arts and literary correction is English translator and his main hobby is cooking. Very inmiscuida in art in all its forms and in singing, dancing and acting in particular in 2006 began his career as a professional singer. Due to the rhythms of his profession, in 2011 he moved to Buenos Aires to seek new opportunities and experiences.That is why in 2014, Lujan took a place among participants of MasterChef, the program broadcast by Telefe.Today, the artist continues to cooking tips via your website, superior singing method review, and accompanies the flow of time into the opportunities open to him about his biggest passion: singing. Here’s a video showing his singing:


Why did you decide to move to Buenos Aires?

Because I felt that in Mar del Plata there was no cultural events and job opportunities as I needed. Besides, I like being on the go and try different things.

How did you live your way through MasterChef?

It was a very fun experience. I got to play because I am a fan of the format, and no doubt had fun. In addition, the best was to take friends who share my same passion.

Do you feel that television exposure helped give impetus to your career?

Not really. I think the exposure of realities is very strong, but also very short. So I do not put the program to look for something in particular, but just to play.

¿You kept friendships among the participants?

Yes, I am very fond of Coto, Jo, John, Paul, Laureano, Sol and Gaia. We see every week.

How do you get along with having so many new followers?

It is cornered know that more people will read and is attentive to your activities. I think it’s a good way to spread what you do.

Do you feel that your personal blog is a way to continue the path of the kitchen?

Yes, I think the blog is a place to dump my personal style of cooking and see the food. I really like the word and the kitchen, and I think the blog is the best way to join them. I’m also dabbling in food photography and love it, but I have a lot to learn yet.

lujan 2

Now that completed the program, is returning to abocarte you think the song?

The song is forever. It is my artistic haven, which try to keep “untouchable”, without any external contamination.Do not do it for money or impact, but do it because you generate something unique to you as a person. I can not imagine my life without singing.

How you doing labeled “singer hot” you built in some ways?

I cause much grace. If they saw me with The Box, know that we care everyone in the visual, and the show goes through much more than if I have a bodice studded and minishort. It is a component that has to do with the kind of music that influences me, the singers that I have artistic “models” and that dress is accompanying the genre.

What are your current and future projects?

There are several, but they have something in common: they all have to do all the I let it flow . Yes you have to prepare, study and have tools to deal with what is coming, but not be forcing “something happens” because I left a couple of months on TV. I think if things have to happen, happen sooner or later. My blog will continue to grow because it gives me great pleasure to write to it, like singing, which is something that always accompany me because it’s a piece of me. I have also eager to travel. It does me good, I clean my head and expands.

Do you feel that you found the dream you came for in Buenos Aires?

Since I moved to BA, every year I live is different from the previous. Translated, did theater in Corrientes, I went on tour, I was in a program of massive TV … I think relocate here was successful because Buenos Aires keeps me experiences that I myself understand yet what will.

Chinese food recipes for kids

All types of exotic food, Chinese is the softest and digestive for children and eat everything. Have you already checked that your child likes? Maybe it’s a reef to get to accept new foods and eat a more varied diet.

Crispy prawns

Ingredients. 250 g of corn flakes, 1 egg, 20 prawns, 1 yogurt, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise, olive oil.

Preparation. Peel the prawns reserving the last section of the tail. Beat the egg and crush the flakes with the help of a mortar.

Spend the prawns, holding them by the tail, egg and crushed flakes. Heat a pan with olive oil and fry the prawns seen until golden brown. Put them on absorbent paper and set aside.

Mix the yogurt with the mayonnaise sauce and served with shrimp.

Crispy prawns

Ingredients. 250 g of corn flakes, 1 egg, 20 prawns, 1 yogurt, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise, olive oil.

Preparation. Peel the prawns reserving the last section of the tail. Beat the egg and crush the flakes with the help of a mortar.

Spend the prawns, holding them by the tail, egg and crushed flakes. Heat a pan with olive oil and fry the prawns seen until golden brown. Put them on absorbent paper and set aside.

Mix the yogurt with the mayonnaise sauce and served with shrimp.

Noodles with Vegetables

Ingredients. 500 g of noodles, 1 large zucchini, 2 carrots, 2 green peppers, 1 onion, oil, salt.

Preparation. Wash the vegetables and chop the onion and peppers into strips. Cut carrots and zucchini with potato peeler. Cook the noodles with water, a pinch of salt oil and other, drain and reserve. Sauté onions and peppers in a pan and then add carrots and zucchini. Add the pasta and stir well so that there is vegetable for all sites.